Where to go when this ship sinks?
Like everyone else, I've been investigating a ton of different websites. Go back to Flickr? No. Go to Google photos? Way too crazy of an interface and I don't like how Google shares information. 500px? Great if you like to post 1 photo and get a ton of likes - horrible if you like posting multiple photos at once to share with friends and family. I tried it and, although perhaps a nice place to share my better photos, it's not a place for what I really want.

I want ipernity! I want where I can upload multiple photos, I can tag them, put them into albums, and I can hang out in discussion groups or see others photos when I choose. I think I've found a decent enough alternative that I wanted to share it with everyone. It's still EU based (yay!) for those of us familiar with the EU cyber laws and love them. It still has groups (called photogroups over there). It has a multiple photo uploader that allows you to put all the photos in an album and add tags. It's really almost the exact same interface that we've all come to love - and it's at http://www.23hq.com. So far, I love it. I'm still Jubileel over there as well.

I'm still investigating it but, thus far, I'm in love. It has everything I wanted and it looks like it should be around for a while. I hope! I don't want to move from Ipernity but the end of January is looming. I'll need to transfer all my photos, update all my blogs, and make my friends and family aware of the change pretty soon.

Has anyone else found anything that works similar to ipernity that they will be going to?

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autofantasia said:

Isabella, I've been trying out various sites over the last few weeks and have to say there are pros and cons for each.

So, in an attempt to help compare them I produced a document within which I tried to capture not only the essence of each site based on what they themselves say about their product, but also my own observations on what they're like to use.

I also wrote an article on this and have made the document available online in Word and PDF file formats. Simply click the links to go through to the document type of your choosing and you should then be able to download the appropriate file.

Might also be worth reading my article too especially the comments other people have made:

If The Worst Happens ...
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