Hiya folks.....
Well how is 2023 going so far? It's been quite boring for me up until now - with nothing going on (which is a good thing really). I have decided that I'm going to visit my daughter in Turkey in a couple of months. The only problem, apart from trying to find the money for the trip, is that I can't travel on my own!!! So I've sort of hinted to my son, that it would be wonderful if he could take me, and stay just a couple of days and then come back. That way he'll meet Dogan (my son-in-law) and see where his sister lives, apart from the obvious of being there for me to travel with!!!!! He's thinking about it, so fingers crossed eh?

It's been bitterly cold here - no snow as they promised, but cold enough to need the radiator and halogen heater on all day. I've been making more pendants but I'm looking for new designs, so hopefully I'll soon have different styles to show you.

One of my friends gave me some bulbs for my birthday and I was so surprised to see how quickly they've started blooming..

When the weather is warmer, and the flowers have died down, I'll ask Emily to plant them in the garden so they can spread. Today was a gorgeous sunny day with temps of 3C but sun nevertheless.

The ferns are going mad lately - they are spreading everywhere, so they must like living here with no central heating - just a radiator for half of the day. What was nice though was the lovely pink clouds at the end of the day....

I'm not sure if it means tomorrow will be nice again, but as I don't get out - it doesn't really make a big difference to me.

I've decided that maybe I should stop the Direct Debits to my electricity provider, because they have changed the amount 3 times since last year. They don't seem to mind the fact not everyone can afford to suddenly find an extra £50 a month!!! I think I'll stop paying this way and let them ask for more. It's ridiculous the way things have become so vastly expensive. There must so many bigwigs up there in Corporate Heaven, laughing there heads off, whilst their bank accounts are getting heavier and heavier.

Well I hope you have enjoyed the first couple of weeks of this new year and that soon we'll be welcoming in the warmer days. Speak soon.


Gracie said:

That's a good idea how to get to Turkey. Then maybe Mandi can come home with you for a bit for her drs appointments and such. Fingers crossed it works.
Quiet mostly here too but you know that..
That plant is Pretty. Grape hyacinth have a very different shape flower then the other type which reminds me of a horn facing more upwards.
Yup things have gotten ridiculously expensive. The newest " gold of the month" here is eggs. The cheapest dozen are over $4 and some cost up yo $9! $4 used to be the expensive ones. That was all of a month ago!! Grrr. You're right, SOMEONE is making a lot of money!! May they rot in hell.
Talk soon. XO
16 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gracie:

That is my feelings too Gracie. I had sort of suggested that Mandi comes back with me, to help me on the plane etc. We just have to find the money for the journey that's all. Yes we'll speak again soon x
16 months ago

Janet Brien said:

Your posts and pictures make my heart smile...I hope your son makes it work so you can visit mandy! Love your jewelry and your plants and flowers are wonderful. The sunset reminds me of ours yesterday--Steve saw the sky and exclaimed that I must come and see! :)

Big hugs from across the pond!
16 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Janet Brien:

So lovely to hear from you Janet. Yes fingers crossed that we all can manage to find a good outcome this year for my trip to Turkey. Look after yourself and we'll talk soon. x
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Lovely photos Jenny. I love the butterflies!

Oh it would be wonderful if your son could manage to get away, even if only briefly, so that he could accompany you. The warmth would do you a world of good.

Yes, we're being well and truly gouged and a minority are becoming very rich at our literal expense.

Lovely healthy looking house plants. They obviously love being in that position by the window.

We had about an inch of snow, all gone now. Dull and overcast here and feeling very cold.
16 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Bee Orchid:

Yes it would Fran. I'm not getting too hopeful yet, because no doubt Stevie will have organised his time before he knows it!!!! She has a habit of doing that. He told me that he would come up to me before my birthday - still waiting for the visit!!! LOL.

Maybe I'm not seeing this economy correct, but don't these people realise that the more their wages go up, so does food, electricity, water etc. Trouble is - I'm a pensioner as you know, and the pensions don't go up except once a year and I'm struggling to say the least. So the more money they strike for, the less money they'll have in their pocket, cos the rich owners will put the prices up which will bring in more cash for their pockets, to hell with the rest of us.

Yes the plants really love it in this room.
16 months ago

Pat Del said:

A great collection ... and so lovely flowers !
16 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Pat Del:

Thank you so much, Pat. I'm very pleased that you like them.
16 months ago