Automatic translations on ipernity
On ipernity users from a lot of countries come together and interact with each other. Sometimes the problem arises that two users don't speak the same language. But there is a solution: Automatic translations on ipernity.

Photo descriptions, blog articles, group discussion posts and comments all can be automatically translated using deepL with one click.

First ensure that the ipernity website is shown in the language that you want to translate into. For this purpose select the desired language from the language menu at the bottom of the site.

Under each photo description, blog article or group discussion post there will be a translation link if the respective text is not already written in the desired languge.

You can also translate comments to all kinds of content. For this purpose first hover over the time below the comment. Then additional links will appear including a translations link.


Clickity Click said:

Thank you for the information.
5 years ago

Elbertinum said:

Ich benutze das 'online Wörterbuch - es ist sehr leicht zu bedienen -
4 years ago ( translate )