Can I download an entire album?
Yes. For paid accounts ipernity offers functionality to generate a so-called metalink file that contains download links to all photos of one of your albums. Then you can download all of these photos at once with third party download software that is able to process metalink files. One example for such third party software that is free is uGet.

Sounds complicated? Don't worry. The following step-by-step instructions will give precise instructions on what to do on a Windows computer in order to install uGet and then download all photos within an album with the help of a metalink file created by ipernity.

In order to install uGet you need the compression/decompression software 7-zip that is free, too. The first to steps of the following instructions describe how to install 7-zip and uGet. Once you have installed these two programs and configured uGet according to step 3 you can proceed with step 4 whenever you want to download a complete album.

Step 1: Download and install the compression/decompression software 7-zip

a) This is required because the zip extractor provided with Windows only works on .zip files not .7z type files. Go to www.7-zip.org. Depending on your windows version click the download link for the 32-bit or the 64-bit version. An executable file for the installation of 7-zip is now downloaded to your default download folder.

b) Start this executable file (either directly form your browser after download as indicated by the red oval in the lower left corner above or by a double click on the file in your download folder) and follow the the instruction for installation.

Step 2: Download and install uget.

a) Go to ugetdm.com and click on "downloads" at the top of this website.

b) Scroll down until you see the the link for windows and click on it.

c) Scroll down until you see the download link for the 7z-archive for portable 7z. Click on "download". Now a 7z-archive with all needed files for uget is downloaded to your default download folder.

d) Unzip the 7z-archive for uGet. For this purpose open the Windows file explorer, locate the 7z-archive that was downloaded in step c), right-click on this archive to open the context menu. Then choose "7-Zip" from the menu and "Extract files..." from the sub menu. If this option is missing, you can choose "Open archive" and then find the Extract option in the toolbar.

e) Click OK in the popup window. Now an umcompressed subfolder with all files belonging to uget is created within your download folder. If you wish you can now move this folder to another location on your hard drive. Take note of the location of this folder.

Step 3: Configure uget to be able to process metalink files

a) Open the uGet folder on you hard drive that you noted in step 2e) that has the uget files. Open the sub-folder bin, scroll down and then double click on uget.exe in order to start uGet. (If you hide file extensions, see the application with green icon.)

b) When the start screen of uGet has opened choose "Edit" from the menu at the top. After that choose "Settings..." from the pop-up menu.

c) Now choose "plugins" in the uget settings window.

d) In the plugins window select "aria2" beside "Plugin-matching order". Then click on OK.

Step 4: Create and download a metalink file on ipernity

a) Log in to ipernity and go to your albums.

b) Scroll down until the album appears that you want to download. Double click on this album.

c) Open the Tools-menu at the upper right corner and choose "Download the entire album".

d) On the warnings page that appears now click on "Retrieve the download file". Then a metalink-file will be downloaded to your computer. Attention! This download file will be needed in the following steps and expires in 24 hours. Thus all following steps must be done within 24 hours. Otherwise you will have to start with step 4 again!

Step 5: Download all photos from your album with uGet

a) Switch to uGet. If you have closed the program see step 3a) for instructions how to open uGet.

b) Select "File" from the menue at the top and then "New Meta Link...".

c) In the file dialogue search and select the metalink file downloaded in step 4d). Then click on OK.

d) In the new window beside "Folder" you can select the folder where your downloaded photos shall be stored. Use the folder icon for a new location, and the down arrow to select from ones previously used.After that click on OK again.

e) Now uGet will download all the photos from your album. Depending on the number of photos and your internet connection that may take some time. The progress is indicated, and when the download is complete there is an acoustic signal and all photos from your album should then be in the folder selected in step 5d).

Using this method as a general download tool

Depending on the size of your gallery, you might create a few albums. You can use the advanced search (by date), to manage the photos into separate albums without duplicates. When adding photos to an album, you can use click and shift+click to select many photos at once from the bottom film strip selector.


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