Wow! This has been a lovely evening! NOT!
I swear I need some good stuff to write about. Lately it's just not going my way! First thing on the way home I'm in the car.. The light turns green and the cars slowly start to go... Then "BAM"! Smacked into my car! This idiot was going too fast and too close on the very wet and rainy roads and ran into me! He says to me "Well, it's slick out"! No SHit SHERLOCK! You should have kept some distance! We got out and exchanged information. It doesn't look like theres damage but it was dark and we were blocking traffic.. Not to mention it was raining and getting wet..

Then I go home, do my food shopping which miraculously didn't go too bad and called a dinner order in. This is at 7:10.. The girl says delivery will be in 35-45 minutes. 8:15 I call to say "where's dinner? "Oh, it's on it's way".. Mind youI live so far from this place. 1 mile or 1.6 Km.. 20 minutes later it's still not here.. "Oh it's been real busy he's leaving now" Me " I thought he left 20 minutes ago?" "Uggh well, I don't know..".. 20 minutes later at 8:55 he finally shows up.. I told him to take his food and put it somewhere.. Of course, that meant my poor Rick didn't get his dinner either. He's eating pretzels and apples right now. Me I ate half a bologna sandwich.. Not quite the veal parmigiana I had my taste buds set for.. But I would be damned if I'll deal with such bad service! Would you have sent it back or just eaten dinner at 9PM??


Mickey fez said:

I would have refused the food bad service is not acceptable
I hope the car is not tood bad when you look in dawns cold light
11 years ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

I'd have done the same thing telling him to take it back and shove it. That was indeed very bad service and they deserve to be "outed". Sorry about the bologna sandwich though - not exactly a nice supper!!! Sorry about your car too - not funny having someone prang your car.
11 years ago