A thousand!
Yay! Just now ipernity recorded my 1,000th visit. It's small, I suppose, compared with the 100,000+ views racked up on Flickr (and it's a little bit sad and geeky even to care about views, I must admit) - but still, I'm quietly chuffed. It was quite a wrench leaving Flickr, and there have been a few times when the quietness and slower pace here have made me hark back wistfully to the lively times on Flickr. But then I would click on the Flickr bookmark, remember the awful mess, and recoil. Coming back to ipernity now feels like home, albeit a home I'm still getting used to. Maybe it's a bit like moving from a big lively town to a small village, where less happens and fewer people pass through, but perhaps the quality of the conversations is better, and certainly the air is clearer and the views are nicer.

Thank you to everyone who's visited and made me feel like this could work as a new photo home.

Rabbit (and his photographic Chief of Staff) x


Costa & Stephie said:

Well done Rabbit. We have just passed the 500 mark, but then nobody liked us that much on Flickr either! If only one rabbit takes a passing interest then we are happy.
10 years ago

Jean said:

I know what you mean about feeling geeky but we all care about views or we wouldn't use a website. I enjoyed all the stats etc. but I like it here and it's nice that there are quite a few familiar faces.
10 years ago

William Sutherland said:

Congratulations! Hope Rabbit gets much needed r & r!
10 years ago