comparing ipernity and Flickr, and hoping for a reprieve
I see that there has been a postponement of the closure, and the faint possibility of a reprieve:


I really hope this can be one small victory this year, in a year which looks awfy dark otherwise.

Since the announcement, I've reactivated my Flickr account, and for the last few weeks have been posting the same content on both sites. It's interesting to reflect on the differences between the two sites. Flickr remains irritating to use - too many menus and clicks needed to get you to a place which is still less easy, satisfying and visually appealing than ipernity. The mobile phone interface works better for me than ipernity's, which is something, but I note that it encourages viewing and quick 'fave'ing without commenting.

Which leads me on to a particularly interesting difference. All of my new content over the last few weeks has received far more views on Flickr than on ipernity, and some of it has received more 'faves' on Flickr than on ipernity. However, nearly all of my photos have received more comments on ipernity, and some of them have also received more 'faves'. I notice that some of the groups I'm in on ipernity are more active, with more recent images and comments, than the equivalent groups on Flickr (compare the two 'Fence Friday' groups for example). All this despite ipernity's far smaller user numbers. It confirms what we already know: that in ipernity, it's quality not quantity which counts. There seems to be something about ipernity's visual calmness and slower pace which encourages better quality interaction.

My experience over the last few weeks on Flickr hasn't been all bad - it's been lovely to catch up with old contacts who never jumped ship to ipernity in 2013, and to make new contacts (and also to see ipernity exiles there). If ipernity closes for good, then I'm sure I will adjust to Flickr and make it work. But the experience confirms my belief that ipernity is the better site, and my hope that it survives,


Stormlizard said:

Yes I have found you on Flickr as you know, it is my first ever usage of the site which I find not too easy to use, and that it lacks in some of the things vailable on Ipernity such as creating Folders to store related albums in.
I have established two way contact with many of my Ipernity contacts, many of them use the Fav, mark only but many use both Fav & Comment which is what I prefer. Currently I post already existing photos here onto Flickr at the same time I repost a few plus new items here only.

Yes, Ipernity is Unique in that it is both Socail with many Media forms permitted plus an excellent photosharing and storage site.
7 years ago

Valfal said:

I agree with everything you said about Flickr; I kept my account through the years, but just started back using it again. It has been nice to see some of my old friends who didn't come over to ipernity, but Flickr is very much a big place that doesn't allow for as much social interaction like ipernity. Like you, I notice people are more likely to give you faves than to comment on your photos. ipernity still seems like home to me. This latest news does interject a little more hope in the situation. As they say, I am hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. ;-)
7 years ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

As I understood the way the other place counts views, the algorithm included views from "scrolling" past rather than just "clicked on" views. This, I feel, can massively inflate the viewing figures.
7 years ago

Pam J said:

I honestly dont like flickr.

Its also as you say. so many just fav and run.... here people took time to comment.. didnt matter if it was just one word..

The Jury is out for me... I dont know if I will stay on flickr.. views arent all to me... people and the community here mattered.

I am not holding my breath for this site staying up.. but I really do hope it will.
7 years ago

Smiley Derleth said:

Thank you for offering a meaningful commentary on the difference.

Flickr was my online home before 2013. Ipernity became home, and now flickr, though I am trying to reestablish myself there, just in case, will never be home again. I see that now. I am going through the motions there, and indulging in "brave face" thinking that I don't fully feel or believe myself.

You and rabbit take care.
7 years ago

Keith Burton said:

I've also re-activated my old Flickr account, but so far have only posted a test image just to make sure it still worked. I am reluctant to go back, but feel that I'll have no option if I wish to continue sharing my photos as I can't find anywhere else.

Viewing numbers and faves, whilst nice to see are not the be all and end all for me.......I enjoy the social interaction I've found here on IP, and the fact that none of my contacts takes themselves too seriously, no one bothers if I don't have time to comment on each and every photo each and every day, and the friendliness and humour I encounter each day.

I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst...........but I'll keep posting on here until the end..!!
7 years ago