Ipernity messages
I have had some emails in my usual email at Yahoo, including messages from Ipernity but none have arrived in my Ipernity messages. Are we all having problems with the Ipernity mail ?


Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh no - I haven't written anything in messages so I am unaware of how this works. I'm sure they'll sort it all out soon. Have a great weekend and please stay safe
3 years ago

HappySnapper said:

Not to sure Steve, I have received notifications of members who have left or joined one of my groups OK. What I will do is delete you as a contact and then add you as a contact again you should see something in your mailbox.
3 years ago

Maeluk replied to HappySnapper:

I havent had anything since two months ago appear in the mail box Maurice. I hope that works though.
3 years ago

Maeluk said:

Ok Maurice. Thank you that did work I got a mail just now.
3 years ago