Pc nightmare.
I have just bought a new Acer laptop. I have upgraded it to Windows 10 but It is giving me a lot of problems from the start. I cannot run my apps from the store, it won't allow me to use Ipernity mail. It has two hard drives, drive c is 60 gig and everything seems to want to download onto the c drive, I have only 8 gig left on it once I put my photo software there.. Drive d is 2tb but I dont seem to be able to get programs to download to it.

I hope these problems can be sorted out because the computer is gorgeous. It has a great screen and keyboard.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


Maeluk said:

Update. I took the computer back to Pc world because it wasn't running apps. They said the problem was mine as I had clicked to upgrade to windows 10 and they would revert the computer to factory status but charge for it because they don't guarantee software. !!
They will never get another penny from me.
I have reverted the machine to windows 8.1 myself and it took a very short time.

I did try to reject it as it wasn't working but Pcworld wouldn't take it back..again saying it was my fault for expecting windows 10 to work on a new windows laptop.
8 years ago

Pam J said:

I love Acers.. and although some are apparently experiencing this problems at upgraging... that was absolutely no reason for PC World to take that attitude.

I would honestly ask to see the manager.. and if that doesnt reap an official apology.. ask for the Area manger's contact details.

It isnt the fault of the Acer... or yours... what is really the problem here is the shop attitude isnt it.

I never had good service from them in the UK... and stopped using them.. plenty of other shops with a better service record.

Glad you have it sorted thought.. and enjoy the Acer.... nice machines.

I would press PC World for a serious attitude adjustment.. and if needs be.. take it to the local Chamber of Commerce.

You rightly SHOULD have expected that machine to upgrade.. OR been told at point of sale it would NOT.
8 years ago