Making Your Own Interactive Photo Album
Not all of my photos are on Ipernity (nor on Flickr*). I have placed a number of photos on my personal website:


and follow the links. There are all of our travel photos, as well as links to pages that describe our travels.

After trying various systems to make static photo sites, I discovered HUGO. The above link points to a HUGO-created site, which includes some very nice interactive albums of photos on a specific "theme".

* Flickr is threatening to remove most of the 8,000 images I have there. One of these days....


HappySnapper said:

Looks like you are very experienced in PC matters Robert, all a bit over my head i'm afraid but I am sure there are others willing to try.
4 years ago

Robert Swanson said:

Thanks for reading. I understand that many people don't have the computer skills. There are a bunch of "free" album systems available on the web, if you have a web host.

For me, there were two issues:

1) It used to be that the storage of photos on Flickr was far cheaper than the storage that comes with our ISP account. That has changed, and now its cheaper to store on my ISP.

2) Software for Flickr has degenerated and seems to be getting worse. The costs incurred by a large outfit like that to rewrite their software properly is massive, and they simply don't have the money.

For other folks who don't have an ISP, but depend on the "cloud", there are many alternatives. Unfortunately Google (love 'em or hate 'em) had a great Photo system, and they've abandoned it.

I welcome any members to use my software, and may be able to assist, if they need help with it.
4 years ago

Robert Swanson said:

Some update is needed now (2022). I have discovered HUGO, which is a software system that creates static websites. It is becoming increasingly popular, along with the idea of static websites (as opposed to the monster systems such as WordPress). Using two particular "themes" (there are hundreds to choose from), I have been able to make a structure of web pages that point to, and contain, many of my photographs. The "gallery" capability of these themes is excellent. Try:


and follow the links to various galleries. More will be added as I have the time.

(If you are computer-experienced and want to try HUGO, I can provide some hand-holding. It is not the friendliest software package (what is?), but once you get the pattern down, you can quickly make your own galleries and website.
18 months ago