Saving a Democracy
Approximately 2,000 National Guard troops are currently posted in and around the Capitol Building, with more in surrounding areas, after a violent mob tried to occupy the Capitol Building on January 6th. Members of the senate were in the process of certifying the vote tally for each state. The mob of about 2000 was trying to stop the certification with the fantasy that this would make Trump president for another term. This, of course, would be illegal.

President-elect Joe Biden will take his oath of office on 20 January. The National Guard are providing security for members of Congress until then due to "very high threat level." The number will increase to about 20,000 by inauguration day.
"The state of play: Capitol Hill prepares for President Trump's second impeachment on Wednesday. If the House votes to impeach Trump, as they are expected to do, he would be the only president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

- According to Bloomberg's Erik Wasson, this is the first time troops have camped in the Capitol since the Civil War.

- 15,000 members of the National Guard have been mobilized ahead of Biden's inauguration, meaning that there are more troops deployed on Capitol Hill than there are in Iran or Afghanistan.

- Roll Call's Jim Saksa reports that members of the National Guard are sleeping inside the Capitol and 'don't know how long they'll be here.' " [Source: see links below]

The Capitol Visitor's Center.
"Members of the National Guard rest in the Capitol Visitors Center on Capitol Hill." Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

Sources: tinyurl.com/yy9udhka and.tinyurl.com/yy5wnbee

dit 20 Jan.: Law enforcement agencies warn that the threat level is "very high" from ultra-right and white supremacy groups.


polytropos said:

Fortunately, we in Switzerland are very well (and I think also competently) informed about what is happening in the USA.
Some have compared the storming of the Capitol to the 1938 Reichskristallnacht in Germany, but I think that is an exaggeration. But nevertheless, the events were shocking for me as well. It is certainly a huge watershed in American history that will last for a very long time and will leave its mark for a long time to come.
In a few days, Trump will hopefully disappear from the political stage for good, but his actions will continue to have their impact for a very long time. Especially the appointment of the three ultra-conservative federal judges in the Supreme Court, as well as the 200 appointed judges in the regional courts.
3 years ago

Annalia S. said:

Border walls, lies about who foots the bill; travel bans and more lies; children separated from their families and yet more lies; tax breaks for the rich, and still more lies; requesting a foreign government to fabricate a lie about his political opponent; an orgy of misinformation regarding the pandemic; and, to cap it all up, 2 months straight of lying to the public about elections results (to the exclusion of all else that needed governing) culminating in whipping up a mob to a frenzy with yet more outrageous lies and sending them to march on the Capitol ... I think there's enough to impeach four or five presidents! But, unfortunately, Polytropos is right and some of the damage will stay with us for a long, long time.
3 years ago

Leon_Vienna replied to Annalia S.:

A huge +1
3 years ago

Taormina said:

Since I saw the series "House of Cards"
I see the machinations in and around the White House quite differently....
and I think the series shows it quite clearly.
But.... where would it be different?!
3 years ago

Peggy C said:

The anger I feel toward that orange alien can't be described.
But, now that I've come to the point that an appointment can be made to get a vaccine, I'm holding back.
We have been lied to about how many are available - not because they are not made [they are stored in freezers] - the US Gov did not order more !
So, if I got my 1st shot, how do I know there will be any for my 2nd one?
Good riddance and don't let the door hit you [or maybe it should ]- on your way out.

Good luck, President-to-be Biden --- you have a lot of cleaning up to do
3 years ago

Leon_Vienna said:

The flag of the slaveholders in the Capitol - not even while Civil War could that happen. "Well" done Mr. Trump.
The other day I read the german wikipedia about that man - what a life story of half-truths, lies and deceit.
3 years ago

Steve Bucknell said:

The US is fortunate that Trump was and is incompetent in so many ways, it makes me wonder what happens next, if a Republican not as obviously mendacious as Trump gathers and organises his base more effectively.
3 years ago

polytropos said:

All of Trump's behavior during his time in office, as well as the final storming of the Capitol, will also have a major negative impact on democracy efforts worldwide. All the dictators in their oppressed countries will now say to their people: See how ineffectual and flawed the democratic form of government is! Let us continue in our spirit as before!
3 years ago

Diane Putnam said:

I just watched him take off in Air Force One, taking him to Florida. There was a loudspeaker blaring Sinatra's "My Way." The CNN reporters laughed. It's all been a TV show for that fool.

3 years ago

polytropos replied to Diane Putnam:

Yes, I've seen in the news too. Very funny. :-)
3 years ago

Peggy C said:

We will never be rid of him, He will never take responsibility for anything unless it puts him in a good light.

I probably shouldn't, but in my heart, I do not wish him well. As far as I'm concerned .. IF he had put his foot on the gas and gotten vaccines to people --- maybe .. just maybe my brother wouldn't have gotten COVID-19 and died from it.
The vaccines were there, but because they were not available to the 'public' my brother didn't get one ... the Orange Alien didn't care.

I will not forgive him for all the souls whose deaths he caused.

Not that I wish him on any other country -- oh, no. -- but wish he could find an island and be the only one there.


He isn't a human .. he is pseudo-human. He has no heart - no care for anyone else.

Diane, if you want to take this RANT down - do so.

Will let you know if somebody comes knocking on my door.

3 years ago