King Alfred's Tower

King Alfred's Tower, also known as The Folly of King Alfred the Great or Stourton Tower, is in the parish of Brewham, Somerset, and stands on Kingsettle Hill, which is on the boundary of Somerset & Wiltshire. It belongs to The National Trust. The Tower is 160ft (49m) high. In normal times it is possible to walk to the top but is closed at the moment. The Tower is triangular and has a hollow centre and is climbed by means of a spiral staircase in one of the corner projections. It includes a statue of King Alfred and dedication inscription.

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Jaap van 't Veen said:

What an impressive tower (nice series) Rosa.
4 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Jaap van 't Veen:

Thank you Jaap....and there were Dutch visitors there ;-)
4 weeks ago

Marie-claire Gallet said:

A great series of this impressive tower ! 49m, that's something !!!!
4 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Marie-claire Gallet:

Thank you Marie-claire. I have been to the top once. That was enough ;-))
4 weeks ago

Nouchetdu38 said:

A really very surprising building! An interesting discovery !!!!!*****
best regards from France*****
4 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Nouchetdu38:

It is not far from me Nouchet and the forests around the tower are beautiful to walk in.
Best wishes and happy Tuesday.
4 weeks ago

HappySnapper said:

Nice little series from our history Rosalyn and it answers the question how he burnt the cakes, you can't keep your eye on the oven from up there. :-))
4 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to HappySnapper:

Ha ha....quite right Maurice!
4 weeks ago ( translate )

Pam J said:

4 weeks ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Pam J:

Yes, I can see it from my village Pam. Not quite from my house but just down the road.
4 weeks ago

Annemarie said:

thats beautigful!
4 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Annemarie:

Thank you Annemarie.
Happy Tuesday.
4 weeks ago

Amelia Heath said:

You have shown its best side in the main photo, Rosa. A very interesting tower. When the Covid situation finally comes to an end, we'd all like to see the views from the top.
4 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Amelia Heath:

Thank you. I have been to the top once and I don't think there will be a second time Amelia! ;-))
4 weeks ago

Keith Burton said:

What a fantastic landmark.............and it looks to be in remarkably good condition for it's age. It's the sort of tower you'd expect to see Rapunzel throwing down her hair from :-)) Beautifully captured Rosa.

I like all the images in the PiPs too..........especially the final PiP which shows how the tower fits into the landscape. There's a lovely leading line from the path.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week. Stay safe!
4 weeks ago