The Green, Marlborough

Wiltshire bus window shot
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Howard Somerville said:

2 years ago

Isisbridge said:

2 years ago ( translate )

Howard Somerville replied to Isisbridge:

Marlborough by A.N. Other
2 years ago ( translate )

Isisbridge replied to Howard Somerville:

1. The removal of the sign and car is an improvement.

2. The straightening of the buildings loses the sense of going downhill on a bus.

3. The brightening of the buildings is unnecessary.

4. The picture is now cropped too tightly, with the trees and far-left chimney missing.

5. The upward extension of the sky spoils the composition.

6. The sky is the wrong colour.

7. The incongruous cloud distracts from the main area of interest.

You have succeeded in wresting all spontaneity from this picture and producing a typical Somerville. (Why not make it square into the bargain?)
2 years ago

Isisbridge replied to Howard Somerville:

8 months ago