Salisbury Red at Marlborough

Wiltshire bus windows shot
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Studley said:

Timber buildings black and white
Boris’s Britain has had a fright
My money goes not very far
I’ll have to sell my sodding car.
8 months ago

Isisbridge replied to Studley:

Bonking Boris is globalist green
With true-blue policies scarcely seen.
Is he a puppet of evil Klaus Schwab,
Or simply a load of Carrie's rhubarb?
8 months ago

Studley said:

Boris’s Britain’s a miserable place
How’s he got cheek to show us his face?
Instead of us all enjoying good health
We have to watch him coining in all the wealth.
8 months ago

Isisbridge replied to Studley:

Their plan is for a new world order:
Global technocracy without any border.
They'll cage us all by digital control,
With chips in our brains instead of a soul.

Covid and climate are part of the scam:
Worldwide fake crises to bring in the plan.
Soros and Schwab have their hands very dirty
With this evil scheme called Agenda 2030.

Covid 1984 - Wake Up!
8 months ago

Isisbridge replied to Studley:

A sodding car you will not own,
If the global elite are not overthrown.
You will own nothing, and forced to be happy,
In urban dystopia where freedom is crappy.

Driverless cars will bar you from places
Designated no-entry green spaces.
Life for the plebs will not be pretty,
Trapped in the oligarchs' high-rise smart city.
7 months ago