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It’s Election Day in Canada! Will the PPC take votes from the CPC? Did Shachi Kurl’s (not Scaachi Koul’s) question at the English-language leaders’ debate hand QC to the BQ? Will the CPC slogan alienate UCP voters in AB? Has the WE scandal hurt the LPC? And with Jagmeet Singh being so popular why isn’t the NDP?

I dunno. What am I, some kind of psychic? My crystal ball's at the cleaners', anyway(s).

I'm hoping for another minority government, though. Not only do they seem to be more productive but they are also way more entertaining.
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Ulrich John said:

Looks a little bit like here. We have our election next Sunday. And I think there is a new government on the way to take over !
4 weeks ago

John FitzGerald replied to Ulrich John:

There are some interesting comparisons between the Canadian and German systems. We have similar numbers of major parties, but Canadians dislike proportional representation and coalitions. So the outgoing government won more seats than any other party but not more votes, and it survived by pleasing the third and fourth parties.

Good luck on Sunday. I'm certainly hoping for some luck today.
4 weeks ago

Keith Burton said:

Decisions, decisions..!!

I'm impressed with the number of abbreviations you've used in the description! DIIK what they all mean!

HAND :-)
4 weeks ago

John FitzGerald replied to Keith Burton:

Thanks, Keith.

PPC = People's Party of Canada
CPC = Conservative Party of Canada
QC = Quebec
BQ = Bloc Québécois
UCP = United Conservative Party, a provincial party that forms the government of Alberta and is headed by a former CPC cabinet minister
AB = Alberta
WE = apparently nothing at all; it's a charity that paid members of the prime minister's family a quarter of a million dollars for services some have found negligible. Then they got a big contract from the government, furore ensued, they left Canada.
LPC = Liberal Party of Canada
NDP = New Democratic Party

Parties have Canada in their names to distinguish them from their provincial branches.

I doubt that's cleared things up, though.
4 weeks ago

Leon_Vienna said:

About all that questions up there, I will state an absolutely ... maybe!

The picture corresponds very well with this first part of your description.

It is said, it was Daidalos who did something very similar some years ago.
4 weeks ago

John FitzGerald replied to Leon_Vienna:

A very good point, Leon. So much of politics over here has devolved into a search for the beast through a maze of one's own construction.
4 weeks ago

Keith Burton replied to John FitzGerald:

Thanks John..............clear as mud now :-)))
4 weeks ago ( translate )

MaggsMep said:

Happy voting! I dread to think how big the ballot paper is with all that lot ...

If you really want to be entertained we could always send Boris to you (please, pretty please)
4 weeks ago

John FitzGerald replied to MaggsMep:

There are only five candidates in my riding, Maggs, so not a big ballot. Only one fringe party chose to run.

I don't know about sending Boris here. Our outgoing government took the unusual step of publicly complaining about the incompetence of his trade negotiators.
4 weeks ago

William Sutherland said:

Fabulous election day capture and perspective! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
4 weeks ago ( translate )

John FitzGerald replied to William Sutherland:

Thanks, William, and stay dry.
4 weeks ago ( translate )

rdhinmn said:

You sure made it all look tacky! I'll vote for U Haul, myself.
4 weeks ago

John FitzGerald replied to rdhinmn:

It looks tacky in real life, Bob. Anyway, it seems we went through all this to end up with the same party standings as before. Of course, when I say "all this" I mean five weeks -- we have hit-and-run elections here.
4 weeks ago

J. Gafarot said:

Thank you for the pertinent information and picture, John.
4 weeks ago

tiabunna said:

Colourful election signs, looking very similar to those here. I've not heard any details of provinces, but I gather from tonight's news that your preference has been delivered nationally, John.
4 weeks ago