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A Valu-mart other than the one I usually shop at. I love their look.
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William Sutherland said:

Splendid capture! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
4 weeks ago ( translate )

John FitzGerald replied to William Sutherland:

Thanks, William.
4 weeks ago ( translate )

Ulrich John said:

Fantastic angle !
4 weeks ago ( translate )

John FitzGerald replied to Ulrich John:

Thanks, Ulrich.
4 weeks ago

tiabunna said:

Well composed with the lines and angles, John.
4 weeks ago

John FitzGerald replied to tiabunna:

Thanks, George.
4 weeks ago ( translate )

Dinesh said:

There is a persistent and terribly damaging myth about our economy, namely, that American economy poverty can, in principle, be eliminated -- if only there is better education, more jobs, more opportunity, and if people will just work hard, save, invest, and pull themselves up by their boot-straps. This is simply false. Our economy as it is presently structured requires substantial poverty.

The present American economy requires that certain jobs have low wages: cleaning houses, caring for children, preparing fast food, picking vegetables, waiting on tables, doing heavy labor, washing dishes, washing cars, gardening, checking groceries, and so on. In order to support the lifestyles of three-quarters of our population, one quarter of our work force must be paid low wages. These are the people who make two-income families possible, because they take care of the house and the children, allow fast food outlets, restaurants, and hotels to exist, and perform other tedious unpleasant, unsafe, and physically difficult jobs that support middle', upper-middle, and upper-class life. ~ Page 421 “Moral Politics” ~ George Lakeoff

If this is not provided to the lowest paid employees, any “Mart” is the same. Buyer’s prices are, may be 5 percent above or lower ….!
4 weeks ago

John FitzGerald replied to Dinesh:

And furthermore, companies like Wal-Mart pay so little that many of their employees are still collecting welfare while they work there. So the people's money is subsidizing the Walton family, who are not exactly a hardship case. A lot of the problem I attribute to the decline of the labour movement, which I gather has been even worse in the States than in Canada. I gather your labour laws are more pro-business, too. And of course when personal income taxes are lowered they're lowered for the richest Americans but not for the poorest.
3 weeks ago

Denis Croissant said:

Never mind the look, how's their prices????
3 weeks ago

John FitzGerald replied to Denis Croissant:

They're no screaming hell, Denis, but it's not easy for me to get to a Giant Tiger, I don't know if GT have an equivalent in the UK, but they're bargains, bargains, bargains.
3 weeks ago

Denis Croissant replied to John FitzGerald:

B&M's probably...we seem to be going through a retail phase where bargains are disagreeable, lots of pound shops are closing and cheap food shops are passed over for the big supermarkets...
44 hours ago