Nederland - Landgoed Dickninge, tolhuis

Dickninge estate - about 75 hectares in size - consists next to the monumental Dickninge Manor of a farmhouse and restored gardener's house. On the edge of the cultivated area and beautiful forests, near the river De Reest is still a rural cottage, beautifully situated in the green. The original destination of the building with its fence in front is quickly clear.

The toll at the border of Dickninge is already very old. For the owners of Huize Dickninge it was a welcome source of income. The road between Staphorst and De Wijk crossed for many years the estate. In the second half of the 19th century the road over Dickninge lost its significance as a direct connection.

In February 1948, official tolls in Drenthe were abolished, but the private toll in Dickninge remained. The last toll collector left in 1962. After that the house was refurbished and inhabited for many years by the latest owner of Huize Dickninge, Mrs. Roëll.
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