Nederland - Reest

The Reest is a stream that starts in the now excavated bog between Slagharen, Lutten and Dedemsvaart. De Reest is a typical lowland stream, which meanders through a flat landscape. With a height difference of only 5 meters over a distance of 37 kilometers the stream flows near Meppel into the Meppelerdiep.

The stream largely forms the border between the provinces of Overijssel and Drenthe, as a result of which the plans to channel the stream have never been carried out and the River Reest, with its many curves, slowly flows through the valley, which varies in width from 100 to 600 metres.
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Annemarie said:

that's beautiful
Have a great week:)
9 months ago

Hansruedi Voegele said:

Sehr schöne Fluss Aufnahme !
9 months ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Lovely framing with the arch of the branch Jaap.
Great PiP's also.
9 months ago

Christine said:

........une branche qui plonge....après avoir dansé*************
9 months ago ( translate )

Gerard Perin said:

bel endroit
9 months ago ( translate )

Hélène Lombard said:

Jolies couleurs et reflets dans cette photo !
9 months ago ( translate )

Mavì said:

Un po' di quiete ... Mi siedo
9 months ago ( translate )

Magdalena Hudranová said:

Beautiful scene....
9 months ago ( translate )

Frans Van Beers said:

prachtige beken!
9 months ago ( translate )

Marie-claire Gallet said:

Gorgeous framing and a charming place, Jaap ! Happy week to you !
9 months ago

Nico Andries said:

Een oude parel in het landschap..Heel mooi genomen!!
9 months ago ( translate )

MaggsMep said:

Great composition Jaap. I'm glad no-one has messed with this beautiful scene.
9 months ago

Edward Bowthorpe said:

So lovely Jaap,eddie,
9 months ago ( translate )

Madeleine Defawes said:

Beautiful lanscape ! I like very much de last picture.
Have a nice week
9 months ago ( translate )

Guy Bacca said:

Un cours d'eau qui traverse tranquillement la campagne... De beaux cadrages
9 months ago ( translate )