OMG ipernity is BACK! YAY!!! Oh, and...Frosty Wood and Nails! (+2 insets)

(+2 insets) (view large for super details!)

So Happy ipernity is Back!
Wow, that was a LONG TIME to be away from ipernity...it will be interesting to learn all of the details behind the massive shutdown. I hope all of you have been ok! Since I need to run out for a while, I'm going to post the text I had prepared for this picture and insets! YAY!!! WE'RE BACK!!!

Freezing is a Big NOPE For Morning Walks!
Holy cow, it's most definitely not warm outside! 26F/-3.3C is just WAY TOO COLD for me! I've drawn the line--any temperature below 30F/-1.1C and I'm not going outside. Seriously, it just takes a few minutes of exposure, even bundled up, and I'm a total popsicle! Then it takes ages to warm up again. Yes, I could dress in snow gear but then I feel like a bloated tick and instead of being able to march happily up and down the driveway, I'm shuffling along without freedom of movement. It's not so much my legs as my arms and hands which get bound up, and I cannot exercise properly when so bundled up. I guess on days like this, I'll need to hop on our orbital trainer for exercise unless I go out later if it warms up to a comfortable temperature. LOL, you may think I'm a big baby about the cold, but if you are thin and/or predisposed to getting cold extremities--which includes a huge portion of the female population--you'll know exactly how I feel!

My Electric Blanket is Wonderful!
By the way, you might remember that I ordered a heated blanket a few weeks back. What an absolute slice of heaven! I've never had one before and it's such a treat! My parents had a couple when I was growing up but the blankets were musty, worn out fleece and the wires inside were stiff. I remember them either not working or getting too hot and my parents threw them out at some point because they were a fire hazard. Mine is velvety soft, silvery grey and has wires inside which aren't very noticeable at all. Reviews mentioned it getting too hot for some--the control box too--so I unplug it after use, but I haven't had any problems with it. It's so cuddly and perfect that I've only allowed Steve to pet it but I can't bear to share it with him! I'm mean! :D

Today's Pictures
I took these frosty pictures a while back and it's wonderful to have a perfect time to post them! The main picture shows frost on some nails and charred wood from a fire a few years back. My insets include two pictures: one shows frost on the edge of a piece of metal and the other is a frost-covered stem protruding from our ice-covered seasonal pond.

Take care of yourselves, everyone! It's cold, miserable, and it's a perfect opportunity to catch the flu or worse! Thank you all for the lovely comments, visits and favorites you've left for my pictures. My globe-trotting visits to your photo streams has been great fun and full of inspiration, beauty and amazing sights. Keep up the AWESOME! :)

Explored on 12/03/20; highest placement #8.
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Luc Reiniche said:

Magic !!!!
7 weeks ago ( translate )

PascalL said:

belles photos, bravo
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Wonderful details Janet.

Yes we are back !!
7 weeks ago ( translate )

cammino said:

I am also very pleased that Ipernity is running again. Many thanks to all involved. And you have given us some very impressive close-ups again. Thanks.
7 weeks ago

Keith Burton said:

Hi Janet.....................I've missed this place..!!

What a lovely trio of "detail" images to come back with..........the main image is fantastic. The wood is a super shape and it looks wonderful with the nails against the darker background. The covering of frost is just wonderful.

The detail and colours in both PiPs are exquisite..!!

Take care..........and stay safe!
7 weeks ago

Marie-claire Gallet said:

MARVELOUS, Janet **************************************
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Herb Riddle said:

Welcome back to dear old Ipernity Janet. And what a celebration with these wonderful captures from you. I guess its much cooler with you than it is over here (at about 4C)

See you later. Keep very safe. Herb
7 weeks ago

FarbFormFreude said:

what a joy to see your pics again
7 weeks ago

Citoyen du Monde said:

Magnifique compo Janet !
7 weeks ago ( translate )

FotoArt said:

Tolle Nagel-Aufnahme! Du hast die letzten Nägel eingeschlagen und jetzt funktioniert Ipernity wieder!
7 weeks ago ( translate )

uwschu said:

Willkommen zurück :-)!
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Ruth said:

It’s nice to be back. This is a stunning shot Janet, I love the contrast between the frost and the nails, excellent textures too. Hope you are well my friend.
7 weeks ago

Kawasirius said:

Jolie série avec ces superbes compositions ! Quel plaisir de retrouver IP en pleine forme !
Passez une bonne soirée, Janet !
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Ronald Losure said:

Wonderful to see you and your photos again, Janet. I especially like the frost on the sheet metal; I wasn't sure what it was by looking at it. My latest photos are of frost, too. Best wishes.
7 weeks ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Superbe et admirablement rendue avec ces superbes Pips..!
Heureux de se retrouver chère Janet.
Bonne et agréable fin de semaine.
7 weeks ago ( translate )