Glorious Maple Leaf Details and Fall in Medford Parking Lots (Set 6) (+7 insets!)

(+7 insets!) (at full-size the details are super cool!)

Simply Perfect
There is no end to the joy I find in a leaf. One can stand at a distance and never run out of great shots brimming with colorful, leaf-filled trees. But for me, the magic is close up and personal. The minute details found in a leaf can be so amazing and astonishingly cool, don't you agree?!. With the additional effect of backlighting, a whole new level of stunning is added to the experience--nature's stained-glass windows in the shape of a leaf. As I stand staring at these incredible sights, I cannot help but feel a reverence and deep joy to see something so beautiful.

Today's Pictures: the Last Medford Parking Lot Set!
It took six sets to show off all of the treasures I found, but here we are! Believe it or not, there are lots of other pictures I could process too…bark textures, a wonderfully decorated bench I found, some interesting pictures of pvc pipe and other stuff. What an amazing day it was for photography!!

Today's main picture is a close-up of a maple leaf, adding shadow-play to the incredible "stained-glass" appearance that backlighting can reveal. It is such fun viewing these images on my computer. Even though I can stare at a leaf "nose-close" and see every facet, that level of detail isn't immediately visible when I have my camera in front of me. I can tell the image is crisp but unless I take the time to review the image in-camera I just have to hope I captured the detail I saw "nose-close" with my lens. When I get it right, the whole room is illuminated with my smile!

Today's Insets
The first inset shows the main picture's entire leaf and its setting. The following three pictures show the gorgeous, shining bark from a lovely tree I found. Then I've got another picture of the crows that flew by. And finally, a pair of images that show two species of ornamental grass in their golden magnificence. :)

I hope you all enjoyed this show…I had such a great time processing these pictures! Thanks for all of the marvelous comments and favorites you've left for me. I appreciate the time you take to look at my images! :)

Please be careful out there and enjoy your day!

Explored on 11/19/20; highest placement #8.
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Keith Burton said:

I've really enjoyed looking at these amazing sets Janet...........who knew you could find such beauty in a parking lot - not me.

I've completely exhausted my store of superlatives to describe these, so I shall keep it short and sweet "FIRST CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY".
2 weeks ago

cammino said:

I am very impressed by the many beautiful pictures. And the maple leaf is one of nature's highlights!
2 weeks ago

Ruth said:

This is an amazing photo of this beautiful leaf Janet, the detail is amazing and the colour superb.
2 weeks ago

uwschu said:

schöne Herbstserie von Dir
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

beautiful, and I love the insets, specially the bark......
2 weeks ago

Stefani Wehner said:

A real eye-catcher!
2 weeks ago

Nicole Merdrignac said:

Très belle photo nature avec notes. Nicole.
2 weeks ago ( translate )

FotoArt said:

Eine feine Serie. Die Baumrinden gefallen mir besonders gut.
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

C'est pas pour dire mais vos rendus sont vraiment magnifiques et bien choisis,et c'est toujours avec grand plaisir qu'on les admirent avec amour et fascination..Merci pour ces beaux partages.
Je vous souhaite une belle et heureuse soiree et éventuellement un excellent weekend.
2 weeks ago ( translate )

vero said:

Janet magnifique série de photos automnales , tout est tellement beau, Malik à raison
je te fais des bisous Bonne soirée,
2 weeks ago ( translate )

vero said:

une série de photos automnales de toute beauté Janet, ,EXTRAORDINAIRE Janet je vous souhaite une bonne soirée, bisous
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Boarischa Krautmo said:

wonderful series!
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Roger (Grisly) said:

Wonderful light in a superb series of images Janet

Thank you for posting in the group
2 weeks ago

William Sutherland said:

Excellent series! Stay well!

Admired in:
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Rafael said:

La pequeña naturaleza es bella !
2 weeks ago ( translate )