long way to the front door

On a bike ride on the hills just outside Florence, I found this uncharacteristically wide open gate and just had to investigate. A handwritten sign on the wall just outside the gate said: Doorbell out of order, go ring the bell at the end of the "viottola" (Tuscan for lane/path). That fully explains the open gate: it would be quite a trek to go open the front door otherwise :D
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Jaap van 't Veen said:

Beautifully framed landscape image.
I feel sorry for the postman ...
7 weeks ago

Annalia S. replied to Jaap van 't Veen:

I didn't think about the poor postman! :D
Thank you, Jaap. Hope you are having a nice week.
6 weeks ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Une splendide entrée avec une belle et remarquable perspective ombragée. Bon dimanche.
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Annalia S. replied to Malik Raoulda:

Thank you, Malik. I hope you are having a nice week.
6 weeks ago

grobi358 said:

Wow, in fullscreen it have a wunderful deepness!
7 weeks ago

Annalia S. replied to grobi358:

Thank you, Grobi. My little camera actually does a very good job with depth of field.The cypress trees lining the avenue also helped to give a sense of depth. I only ventured to where the shade stopped and I think it was probably another kilometer from there :))
Thanks for the visit and have a great week!
6 weeks ago

J.Garcia said:

A narrow and inviting path but only to see and not go through...
Excellent depth of view, Annalia
7 weeks ago

Annalia S. replied to J.Garcia:

I did go in a little ways, but only through the shaded part. Thank you very much, Judite. I hope you are having a great week.
6 weeks ago

Coldwaterjohn said:

So did you explore and ring the bell? :-)
7 weeks ago

Annalia S. replied to Coldwaterjohn:

Nope. I went in a little ways (the shaded part), took some pictures of wild flowers, collected some mosquito bites (the darn tiger mosquitos have become ubiquitous in the last few years!) and went back out to continue my bike ride. I looked up the place afterwards on Google an it seems to be a B&B. Looked like it was perhaps 1.5 km to the doorbell ...
6 weeks ago

tiabunna said:

A great composition with the gate framing the extended driveway. I wonder how far it was to the doorbell!
6 weeks ago

Annalia S. replied to tiabunna:

Thank you, George. Looked like a bit over a kilometer, but I only went in through the shaded part an even from there I could not see the end of the driveway.
Hope you are having a good week!
6 weeks ago

Xata said:

And how was it at the end?
6 weeks ago