HFF everyone! Not quite a tornado, but damned close to it!

The storm and storm cloud seen here had been above us about 15 minutes beforehand and with almost tornado-like gusts of wind! All the garden furniture was scattered around the neighbours' gardens and we acquired a fair sprinkling of theirs!
Figs still not ripe.
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Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh wow, that looks like it was some rainfall. I'm not surprised you lost some garden furniture and I hope your neighbours swapped yours for theirs!!!! LOL. Still it's probably been well received from the drought hit fields.
4 months ago

Andy Rodker replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Yes, we exchanged furniture and other bits and bobs all within 10 minutes! The rain was sharp but short and everything was dry in minutes. It would have made no difference to the drought conditions, unfortunately!
Thank you, Jenny!
4 months ago

Boro said:

Superbe composition **********
4 months ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker replied to Boro:

Thank you, Boro!
4 months ago

Ecobird said:

PLeased you didn't have too much damage Andy. A lovely shot and super sky

Have a good weekend
4 months ago

Andy Rodker replied to Ecobird:

The more I look at that rainstorm from a distance, the more it DOES look like a tornado, Carol!
It can't have been because it would have been on the news, Shirley!
4 months ago

Nicole Merdrignac said:

HFF. Très belle photo. Nicole .
4 months ago

Andy Rodker replied to Nicole Merdrignac:

Many thanks, Nicole!
4 months ago

José Manuel Polo said:

Los cereales ya están cosechados hace días, parece. La tormenta amenaza, mejor en casa.
HFF Andy.
4 months ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker replied to José Manuel Polo:

The vegetable patch didn't suffer at all! While the storm passed over, it really did seem like the roof would be torn off - and looking at the shape of the cloud it does look a bit like a tornado!
Thank you, José Manuel!
4 months ago

Paulo Moreira said:

HFF Andy. A photo that appears to be taken in Oklahoma... luckily there was no major damage. And, it's true, we don't need this kind of rain, brief, little and sometimes destructive.
The figs...not until mid-September ;-)
4 months ago

Andy Rodker replied to Paulo Moreira:

I agree, Paulo! I have seen a few tornado-chasing videos from the Midwest and the shape here does indeed look menacing!
4 months ago

Steve Paxton said:

Know those winds we have had two days of such, a bit like oz out there is summer, HFF you stay safe and enjoy your weekend.
4 months ago

MaggsMep said:

It really does look like a tornado funnel, you lead quite the exciting life Andy, stay safe!
4 months ago

MaggsMep replied to MaggsMep:

Super shot btw, especially the cloudage, I do love cloudage …
4 months ago