The deserted town of Granadilla

Due to the new reservoirs built in the '50s and '60s, many villages and towns were abandoned and flooded. Granadilla was high above the new reservoir but was effectively surrounded by it and cut off from its farmlands (please have a look at the aerial map to get a gist of this isolation). The population moved to the cities in the main. Some decades later as the place became something of a tourist attraction, a few souls moved in to open a restaurant or two and some tourist shops. I've posted a couple of other shots under my Estramadura album: www.ipernity.com/doc/2247598/album/999420
There is also this wikipedia entry; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granadilla,_Spain
I thought of 'When the levee breaks', a great blues song for this, even if it's not strictly relevant to the photo. www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYThZwcDUXk
I selected a 'reaction' Youtube version of this Led Zeppelin classic, just because it was an honest and sincere reaction and it amused me!
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Gillian Everett said:

It looks interesting, glad that there are some people moving back.
16 months ago

José Manuel Polo said:

Hay algunos pueblos abandonados y también aldeas o parroquias que dependían de un pueblo. En ocasiones fueron asentamiento de okupas. Bien capturada la iglesia con las pocas casas en pie y fincas.
16 months ago ( translate )

Boro said:

Jolie compo !!
16 months ago ( translate )

Pierre Pasqualini said:

Un village complettement en ruine... Jolie et surprenante composition.
16 months ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre said:

This is an absolutely gorgeous picture of this area. There is a programme on the tv here, about Brits who have moved to Spain, Italy and France and bought up these abandoned villages etc. I hope that someone goes to Granadilla and takes it over, renovating those houses and giving life back to that area. At least they won't have to be concerned about water!!!!
16 months ago

Andy Rodker replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Yes, true enough about the water, Jenny but all the other facilities and utilities will have to be brought in from somewhere and that ain't cheap!
16 months ago

Andy Rodker said:

José Manuel,
Sadly there are tens of thousands of abandoned or seriously de-populated villages in Spain and until work can be found in these places that is attractive enough to keep the young people it will be a never-ending story.
Very many thanks!
16 months ago

William Sutherland said:

Outstanding capture despite this village's sad fate! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
16 months ago

Andy Rodker replied to William Sutherland:

Thank you, William. Sometimes there can be a poignant beauty in loss and desolation.
16 months ago

©UdoSm said:

One's fate - the other's business idea...
16 months ago

Madeleine Defawes said:

Superbe image de cet étonnant village abandonné !
Bonne journée. Amitiés
16 months ago ( translate )

Nouchetdu38 said:

Very interesting photo and explanations about this "ghost town"!!*****
16 months ago

Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨* said:

un lieu exceptionnel dommage qu'il soit à l'abandon**********************
belle journée Andy ! ici trop trop chaud ! Amitiés♫
16 months ago ( translate )

Gilbert H said:

Bon vestige !
16 months ago ( translate )

Simone Maurel said:

interessant témoignage et belle découverte
16 months ago ( translate )