Down on the beach

A brisk stroll on Perranporth beach is good to clear the head. A series of shots taken here in the wind showing the roughness of the seas and the cliffs almost hidden by the windswept spume. Notice the difference in colouring here to my beach 2 capture showing what a bit of sun does.

Enjoy the next additional photos too from almost the same spot.

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Antje P. said:

Almost I can hear, smell and sense the rough salty sea and the wind....
I'll come for a stroll too, Herb! ;-)
8 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!
8 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to Rosalyn Hilborne:

Thanks Rosa.

Best Wishes. Herb
8 weeks ago

Nick Weall said:

Great shot Herb
8 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to Nick Weall:

Thanks Nick
8 weeks ago

tiabunna said:

A great shot of the beach on a stormy day.
8 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to tiabunna:

Just very windy really George. Cheers.
8 weeks ago ( translate )

TOZ said:

Like this one the best Herb .
8 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to TOZ:

I can see where you are coming from Gordon.

Cheers. Herb
8 weeks ago

Keith Burton said:

Wonderfully windswept..............I can almost feel the sea spray on my face (and lens)!

An outstanding shot..........which shows the power of the waves and wind, even as the sun is shining. I love the people on the beach, not just for scale but the the fact that two of them are still wearing shorts..!!

The best of the two shots Herb.
8 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to Keith Burton:

Thanks Keith. I have a slight preference for this one too but not that much in the two really. Yes, the people add scale and interest here. I would not say it was hot but neither was it cold at around 18C.

Cheers. Herb
8 weeks ago

J.Garcia said:

The eternal struggle between the rocks and the waves...they will win.
Splendid capture, Herb!
8 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to J.Garcia:

One wonders how things will be when the seas rise with Global warming?

Cheers. Herb
8 weeks ago