A walk around Dovestones

Only metres away from the very lone tree that started my photography hobby on its way, here we are on the higher round walk around this now famous reservoir. This scene from 2013 has altered a little because the stand of high pine trees to the left of the fence has been largely replaced by more native deciduous trees.
The bench, like many around here has been placed as a memorial for someone.
Enjoy full screen.

HBM to all, have a great week.
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John Cass said:

Beautiful landscape image, the people on the walk, create a great perspective.
11 days ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Admirable et merveilleux paysage.... HBM.
11 days ago ( translate )

Diana Australis said:

11 days ago ( translate )

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Wow, what a beautiful winter scene.
Safe and healthy week ahead.
11 days ago

Wierd Folkersma said:

Beautiful landscape, HBM!
11 days ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

A perfectly placed bench...............in a wonderful location!

I love the way you've composed this Herb. The trees are a beautiful colour, especially with the light covering of snow and the background hills look magnificent with the clouds/mist on top.

The couple walking away from the camera are great for scale.

HBM to you.......I hope you have a good week.
11 days ago

Dida From Augsburg said:

Fantastic view.

HBM, Herb - have a nice week!
11 days ago ( translate )

TOZ said:

What a beautiful place to be in the snow Herb another super Image of Dovestones like a lot ⭐.
Stay safe TOZ
11 days ago

Christa1004 said:

What a beautiful snow landscape, it looks like in the Alps... HFF Herb.
11 days ago

HH-volker 2 said:

Still winter and the bench covered with some snow.

Beautiful scenery, HBM Herb!
11 days ago

J.Garcia said:

Breathtaking landscapes for beautiful walks!
In this fantastic scenery two people prefer to walk and ignore the beautiful bench that is snowy
All composition is wonderfully observed with a superb light, Herb
A great week also to you!
11 days ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

I notice a lot of memorial benches on my travels Herb. A nice idea, but often quite sad when you read them. You have framed this beautiful scene so well and the people enhance it...not that it needs much enhancing ;-) I love the soft tones of the trees. Cheers, Rosa.
11 days ago

Ulrich John said:

HBM, Herb ! Have a very nice week ahead !
11 days ago ( translate )

Nora Caracci said:

I reserve a place on this bench ;-)
great compo !
HBM !!!
10 days ago

Betty【ツ】 said:

What a wonderful place! I would love to walk there, with the snow it's beautiful!
Congrats on Explore!
10 days ago