Inherited Photos
Photos taken by Dad, Uncle Billy, Uncle Norman,Uncle Doug and Unknown
What to do with Inherited photos ?

I have decided to display them here as Family and Friends Only photos .... acquaintances see Thumbnails only

My favourite inherited photo. My maternal grandparents, my Mum (right) and her twin sister with Bruce the dog. I understand this was taken by my Uncle Norman who was on shore leave fron the Merchant Navy during WWII. He was a man with a very cheeky sense of humour but I have no idea if it was him wrote 'Start a second front by Stalin' on the wall to the left.

Start a second front

if you are really interested I will consider you a Friend

1.Self Jumpers for goalposts South Shields 1968 or 1969
Jumpers for goalposts at South Shields

2. Self and my favourite Uncle (Bobby)
with Uncle Bobby

3. Self(left) with cousins and sister at South Shields 1965 ..
family july 1965 ... after maternal grandparents Golden Wedding Celebrations

4. Self with girls from next door. Linda and Irene
colin-linda-and-irene-greig East Kilbride

5. The Twins Mum and sister with family at the Tower of London August 1964
The Twins at the Tower


Peggy C said:


17 months ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to Peggy C:

Good that at least you can see the thumbnail
Thanks Peggy
17 months ago

Amelia said:

Same as Peggy. I have occasionally posted inherited photos, converted to jpeg, and touched up slightly using photoshop. I'd quite like to be able to comment on yours, Colin.
17 months ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to Amelia:

I think I will make them for Friends so will make you Friend ?
17 months ago

Andy Rodker said:

Agree with the above but am unsure if I want or need to be a friend because, although intrinsically of interest to me as a historian by training, I nevertheless don't like the idea of 'intruding' on other families' personal memories. I think I've posted one such photo in my time and it's not something I would want to engage with, despite the fact that I am always interested. I think you can see my hesitation and doubts here, Colin! - it's something of a conundrum and I guess it's something we share hence your very valid poser anyway!
17 months ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to Andy Rodker:

Thanks Andy, I am not sure what made me change my mind a little and wonder about these photos being seen by others. They have been Private photos on Flickr in the past and some have been here Me only. I have failed to spark interest in them being on-line with some of my cousins. If interested they say they already have real photographs of grandparents and older generations and don’t say but it’s implied they are not interested in photographs of me!
17 months ago