Lovely view from my bedroom window.....
When I woke up this morning, the sun was actually shining!!!!! It really emphasised the gorgeous laburnum tree outside my window. This was the first day of the blooms actually appearing, so hopefully this tree should look really gorgeous in a couple of days with the blooms being more prolific.

This is what I woke up to today....

Although I had said that the sun was shining - it went back in again as soon as I brought out the camera!!!!

There are the odd bits of blue sky now and then, but at least it hasn't rained - yet!!!!

What is going on with our weather eh? It's been cold since the end of September and it's now almost the middle of May - that's almost 8 months of cold weather. Hells bells that's stupid. It's a balmy 13C today - wowee !!

Today I've done a few more pendants - well I've done quite a few over the last couple of days, but I'm not satisfied with them. Anyway - today I've done a couple of ones that aren't too bad.....

These are made up of the pink geranium petals that had fallen onto the carpet and I asked Emily to gather them up for me to use....

I thought I'd just add these little heart-shaped drops to the necklace - to see how they looked. I'm very pleased with how the pink petals have come about - I also added some silver foil to break up the pink - I like it anyway...

Then I decided to make some earrings - but I'd run out of geranium petals, so I delved into my ever increasing box of bits and came across some dried green flowers, added a bits of gold leaf - the result....

So I feel quite pleased with the outcome today - I keep trying to get better designs etc every time I do these pendants.

I hope you are all okay - I watched the coronation (obviously) and although I was around at the last one, I was very young and apart from some photos of me and some memory of going up to London a few days later, I don't really remember much.

We actually had our own tv, so we were able to watch the coronation as it happened. We shared the moment with a couple of families who didn't have a tv. Sounds strange nowadays really, but tv was a new thing at that time. Oh dear it sounds as if I could go on another topic here - I do tend to digress I admit!!!!!

Okay folks, I wish you a good week to go and also a really good weekend.


Gracie said:

You were an adorable little girl! Im not surprised at all
11 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gracie:

Photos can lie you know Gracie. LOL I might have been cute then, but I grew up!!!!
11 months ago

Gracie replied to :

You’re still a lovely woman!
10 months ago ( translate )