I had the window open today - yay!!!!
Well the temperatures have risen a little - it's now 16C which is way so much cooler than a lot of other places, but we were warmer in the winter than others, so I suppose we have to be thankful for small mercies.

It was lovely with a bright blue sky and the sun poured in the lounge bay windows. It was glorious. I just had to take some pictures of the geraniums, which are the ones that have been flowering since March 2021 !!!! It's only the white and the pink flowers that are still giving out blooms and I'm waiting for Emily to bring some red ones to add to the group!

Don't you agree - it'll be great bringing red into the pictures? The number of flowers on my hoya has risen to 38! Can you believe it - 38 blooms on my hoya. It's over 30 years old and yet it's going mad each year since I transferred it to a new pot about 6 years ago.

Here'd a picture of some of them! Great isn't it?

I've also been quite busy making some more pendants and key rings, I'm still getting the hang of doing some of the glitter pieces, but I'll just keep on trying them....

I also made a few pendants but I'm still not completely happy with them....

Apart from this, I've been taking things easy really, as I feel somewhat tired, but that could be because it was harder than I realised having someone stay here with me 24 hours a day, even though Mandi did everything for me, I suppose it was because I'm on my own all the time, and talking for long sessions exhausts you!!! I do miss her though. I'm hoping to go for Christmas there though - at least it'll mean my electricity bill won't be so high!!!! It also might be warmer there, but last year, I was warmer here than over there! Go figure the fairness in it!!

I hope you all have a great weekend, here in the UK we are celebrating our Queen having been on the throne for 70 years as of Thursday!! So the Government have been very generous in giving us a long Celebration weekend, starting Thursday until the Monday!!! There will be parties etc everywhere and if the weather's nice - then the beaches will be full. Have a great week everyone.


Gracie said:

Wow! 70 years on the throne! She's been on the throne longer than Ive been alive! She is amazing isn't she?
As usual your craftwark is so pretty. Molds or not you are tented. And your Hoya are lovely. Yes the red geranium will add some nixe color..
As to the extra tired if you start feeling off don't wait too long to ring your dr. I know how you are and you wait too long at times. Mandi is already gone for over 2 weeks so you should be recouperated. If you're not feeling better by end of the holiday weekend, please call them.
4 weeks ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gracie:

Thanks Gracie, and after our video call, I promise that if I do feel too tired or not right, then I will call the doctor. It's so sweet of you to worry about me. I'm just growing old that's all sweetie, don't forget I'm 74 !!!!!
4 weeks ago

Bee Orchid said:

Those plants are beautiful. Great photos of the geraniums! They look very professional. Jenny.

The pendants are pretty, as always. It's a shame you can't sell them somehow as I'm sure many would like them.

No plans here as I'll be working though I'm sure there will be many parties. No street closures in my immediate vicinity which is good as I can't walk to work, it's too far for me.
4 weeks ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Bee Orchid:

Wow thanks for those compliments, Fran. I was using my Fuji camera. I call it my posh camera because it's quite a big camera using AA batteries - in other words it's not a small camera. It has lots of various things I can do with it, and that's why I use it for special pictures. I was sitting down on my couch, about 15ft away from the window, yet I got good macros.

Mandi had said we'd sort out my jewellery when she was here, so I could sell some - well it didn't happen. Emily has offered, so maybe I'll ask her. I just do enjoy making them too.
4 weeks ago