Well I do believe it's getting warmer!!!!
I must admit that it is definitely getting warmer over here - not the kind of high temps that other parts of Europe seem to be getting. Our temps are around 17C (63F) which aren't that great compared to the late 30'sF (100F) that some of you have been experiencing. I'd like it a little bit warmer, but not as hot as you lot!!!!

So since Mandi returned home, I've tried to occupy myself by doing more resin pendants and keyrings. I'm thinking of makin some pendants that could be hung up in the window, to let the sun shine through making colourful lights on the lounge walls.

Blame Mandi for the glitters because she wanted them and I automatically went to the phials of glitters!!

Meanwhile Emily (bless her heart) cut the lawn and I think I'll ask her to cut it again and also trim back some of the encroaching hedges etc, as the lawn itself, is getting smaller and smaller, due to the fact that the mombretia has almos ttaken over the garden.

Now that Spring is almost over with Summer ready to step into those shoes, I will really miss the beautiful blossoms and colours that burst out in my garden and driveway.

I mean that every time you go out into the driveway or garden, you are assaulted with the scent of the various lilacs, the blossoms and now the laburnum, and on the floor are various Spring flowers like primroses, blue bells and now I see the acqualegia is starting to bloom. I'll take some photos of them for you all.

Okay folks, I hope you are all well and enjoying the warmer weather. Have a great weekend and speak again soon......


Gracie said:

I love sparkles too so Mandi isn't alone.. Some of those items are sp pretty. And suncatchers ( with sparkles) would be gorgeous!
Very warm here today and tomorrow. 32. Blah..
5 weeks ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gracie:

It was Mandi who suggested suncatchers, because the Christmas ornaments I sent her, are hanging up on her window and she gets lots of rainbow lights on the ceiling and walls. You are complaining about 32C temps? Is it because it gets very muggy? I'd like it to be just a tad warmer here.
5 weeks ago

Bee Orchid said:

Lovely as always Jenny, you're very clever.

I'm so envious of the size of your garden, it's wonderful! You have such a great diversity of plants, flowers and trees. It must be lovely to sit outside, and just enjoy it.

It's around 17C here too though a little muggy and overcast. I like it up to around 20C though don't care for it once it gets above that, especially as we have high humidity too.
5 weeks ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Bee Orchid:

Thanks Fran. Yes I know I'm lucky with my garden, but all you can see is the top garden, there is another 1/2 acre in 3 levels that I can't access! I've been unable to do the garden for about 10 years or so, so it's overgrown with lots of bushes etc, good for the Green Party though!!!! Also I'm lucky with a long driveway, which also attracts wild flowers.
5 weeks ago

Janet Brien said:

Great pictures, Jenny! I love your new designs too. Wow, your garden sounds terrific! :) Steve and I are now in northern Utah, and tomorrow we will be heading into Idaho! Our trip has been really great but the wind and cold are unfortunate. Finally at our next stop it will be warmer for our whole stay, yay! It's snowed here once, and several times at the last place...it was supposed to be super comfortable, ah well! We've snuck in some scooter and bike rides, hikes and sight-seeing, but only snippets as the weather hasn't cooperated! We're making the best of it but looking forward to warmer days, just like you! :) *big hugs*
5 weeks ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Janet Brien:

Thanks Janet. Oh dear so you haven't had the best of temperatures on your travels then? Didn't you consider going south, so you could catch the warmer weather? I'm pleased that you are at last going to somewhere where it'll be warmer for you both to enjoy hiking and bike rides. I look forward to seeing pictures of Utah and Idaho.
5 weeks ago

Gracie replied to :

Yes thats quite warm! Too warm, muggy or not. I prefer around 23-25
4 weeks ago