Sleep has mountains queer ladders descending catacombs

of melancholic mumbling offering extracurricular activities

sweet matriculations swings sharp suits ballrooms dresses

Gowns in decrepit deco end of the pier pavilions abandoned

skate parks ski slopes strewn with tiny silver aqualungs for

deep blue vapour moonlight tie your hair and put your pale

Shoes on drift together in disturbed ash tree buds susceptible

to mirrors sudden unexpected starless depth tremor ions dart

across the cells switching all the lights off locking all the doors

Displaced entirely anaesthetised dropped in countersunk holes

cushions brick pleasures of concrete screeding pulled up round

milk white shoulders it’s there in 2022 the horizon and ordinary

Black snows pile on bedroom carpets make drifts to walls

and windows each flake of carbon tastes of night dissolving

on your tongue wafers umami powder weeds swans clothes

Grave masks enclose us all