Day of obscure origin scrutiny falls the adjacent horizon the

deserted curve also at the root meaning to burn transfuse

shine as currents braid hair that rhythm walking supposed

New sequences each layer laid one over under makes blur

and difficult to see angels so the only reliable sustainable

mode is to proceed by counting sheep in the dinted sky

It wears away the eyes of the beholder because of echoing

multitudes of different spaces that time will falter unable to

exact its essential causes by lackadaisical structure begins

To spread points furthest from where begun because what

is known can be confirmed as the hysterical temptation

to ingest flames in an attempt to distinguish one soul from

Another while holding steady against today’s background

granular surface points glitter struck centre would enclose

ageing pipework in sacred dusk to touch some affirmation

Yet still free to tactically withdraw into an aleatory tactile

beyond the range of metaphor if it helps adumbrate pass

out of range interference with the steady state previously

Relied on by all concerned will emerge as a photograph

of a patch or stain on an distorted grey area of skin might

comfort those who are unwilling to stand in dead air that

Has forgotten they are present by adopting the available

light to a form a belonging not afraid of acknowledging that

rue is a constant nevertheless an option less harmful than

Ludicrous night