Attaboy or girl
Today I heard the supervisor praising a colleague for improvements in their pick rate - we have to pick a certain amount of items within a certain amount of time. I wandered off to the next aisle, thinking I'll never get one of those. The supervisor then found me, and I was praised too! What a surpise that was. This week I've been fighting off a head cold, I think, and I just got my head down and got on with my job. It's obviously worked in my favour. I'll have to try and keep it up, and I want to keep this job, and not be pushed into another area, especially after the recent trial which did not go well.

Oh, I have a stalker lol. A man recently asked for my name, and he chats often. This week, he was calling to me over the vegetable aisle. I tried to ignore him, but had to respond as he wouldn't let up. When I finished my shift, he was sat at the end of the tills, and he asked where I live. If he weren't older than me, and using a cane, then I'd be concerned, though I was suitably vague. It's not the customer's business where I live! Next time he's chatting to me, I think I'll mention my 'husband' and that I have to get home and cook his dinner. That should put him off...

This week, we've had more than our fair share of screaming kids. I wouldn't want to be a parent to a young child these days. You can't threaten bad behaviour with a smack, as smacking is illegal now. I rarely smacked my son, though the threat was there. Now, they scream, yell, and run riot in the store and there's nothing anyone can do about it, including the parents. Though this week I did espie a harrased looking woman pay for her goods, then walk off very quickly whilst her kids had to run to catch up with her.

Saturday, I wasn't feeling that great and I turned down overtime. The supervisor asked a colleague if I was ok LMAO. At that point, I'd already worked almost 5 hours overtime. How much is enough? So far, this pay period, I've worked almost 14 hours overtime. I'd like to say I'll be saving some of it, though suspect it'll mostly go on my gas/electric bills. Madness!

Well, that's it. A quiet week, aside from screamers. Monday should see us in the UK have a new leader. Both frontrunners are rich, and have no clue about how the average Joe lives and what we have to cope with. I suspect Truss will win; she's white after all. I also suspect that she will be far worse than Thatcher for the UK, and I predict riots, mass strikes, and a call of no confidence. Thing is, are Labour up to the job?

Take care, have a good week ahead.


Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh I do hope Truss doesn't win - I'd rather not have this situation at all - better the devil you know rather than the ones you don't. At least Rishi is more known because he's been around in the cabinet for a long time now.

I'm not surprised you were tired after doing all that overtime. Screaming kids - no thank you. I'm like you - it was bad enough when my kids were young, but now I've aged - it's no fun. I do remember that my kids were under five when I last smacked them. I found out that not letting them watch something they wanted to on tv was a good deterrent. As they got older - not allowing them out with their friends worked too!!!! I'm proud of both of them - so I feel I didn't do too bad a job. I was a one parent family too - I think that helped a lot too.

Oooh an admirer - if you are feeling uncomfortable, rather than involve the manager, I think your idea of mentioning your "husband" might just work!!! Have a great week to come too.
17 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Jenny.
Yes, Sunak would get my vote if we had one. I don't trust Truss one little bit, and she's already 'promised' to reduce taxes for the rich. Typical Tory!

My son was mostly well behaved, and threats of no TV often worked though one time we did have to remove the plug as he kept switching it on when we'd told him no.

Oh yes, I shall invent a husband lol. I know I'm not THAT old but I have no wish for a boyfriend/suitor, I'm just there to do my job, earn money, and chat with colleagues when time allows.
17 months ago

Gracie said:

Sounds to me like you're a bit run down. Working so much plus OT takes a toll. Has your son had any luck trying to find a job? Its a lot on one person to handle everything.

Illegal to beat your child. But a good wack on the rear never hurt more than their pride. And just lets them know you mean business. Otherwise punishing them still works. My Amanda tried screaming in the stores maybe twice back then. I put my purchases back and we went home. Where she immediately was sent to her room and not allowed to play, watch tv, nothing. Ignoring bad behavior just means they continue it. I say parents don't parent anymore. They're lazy and then wonder why the children pay no mind. Its why so many are entitled brats. Children need structure and discipline. Apparently the parents also do.

You may mention a husband to this admirer. Or you could say you're working and are on a timer. Otherwise if he persists politely tell him you aren't interested. You're required to be pleasant to the customers, not harrassed.
17 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Gracie.
No, no luck yet. He does look, almost every day. He's very limited as he can't drive, and we couldn't afford a second anyway. He has to look for local jobs so he can walk there, or jobs at certain times of day only, so he could catch the bus.

Yes, we have a lot of brats here too. It worries me because these are tomorrow's adults!

A young colleague has a similar 'issue' with a new starter. Some of us simply work for the money, not to socialise, nor to get a BF. At least this one only seems to shop on a Saturday, so fairly easy to avoid.
17 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

I note that Truss is our new 'leader'. What a shocker. Not!
Heaven help us...
17 months ago