Physically sick
Today, I've read with some dismay that Ofgem will again raise the fuel cap by a huge amount in October, around £800, to £2,800. I confess, I felt physically sick! This is an obscene amount to expect people to be able to pay. I'm on a fixed tarif at the moment, though this will end in time for this increase when I'll most likely see my fuel bills more than double in price. I'll have had a pay increase by then, however it won't begin to cover this increase. Meanwhile, the big energy firms are reporting increases in profits in the millions! Someone is getting very rich, and it isn't us consumers. It's well past time for the government to step in and stop this.

A so-called rebate later won't help us as this is a loan by any other name and will simply put up our standing charges each month for years to come to cover this 'rebate.'

It sickens me that our government is giving away so much of our taxes in Foreign Aid when so many people here are genuinely hurting and in need. My Mother always said: charity starts at home. Would you feed your neighbour whilst your own child went hungry? The reason they do it, in my opinion, is that it makes them look good on the world stage. How good will they look when people literally start to die from the cold because they can't afford to heat their homes, or cook food?

At present, we only turn on the boiler for about 40 minutes each day to heat water as we can't afford to leave it on all day. I'll wear 4 layers in the house before I'll even consider putting the heating on. I've already looked to see if there are any smaller houses we could rent, to make them cheaper to heat, but there's not much out there.

In work, there's been a definite decrease in the orders, and some days, the store is practically empty. People are already feeling the pinch, but our wealthy politicians just don't give a d*mn. I hate winter anyway, but this winter could be the worst...

Written in Wordpad which doesn't have spell checker that I can see. Apologies for any errors. At least it's free, and means I won't have to pay for Office Word.


Gracie said:

Im not sure I totally understand how this can be? Isn't your fuel company regulated? Ours has to request any raise. But you're not alone. With all thats gone on apparently the cost of natural gas for heating has grown literally exponentially. All focus has been on the price of petrol when heres a true crisis. I think the world is going to implode at this rate. Yet in actuality there is a shortage of neither. Seems to me someone is pulling the strings . And they have many, many puppets. But I am sorry for you, for all those, that this hurts so much. Thats an unconscionable amount to increase.
6 weeks ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Gracie. We have a regulator - Ofgem, but I swear they're either bowing to pressure, or are in the power companies back pocket; maybe even both! Our fuel bills are going through the roof and keep on rising exponentially. At this rate, we won't be able to afford to put the heating on this winter. I recently bought 2 electric radiators, and my son can use one in his bedroom, and I'll have one in the living room as I doubt we'll be able to afford to heat the whole house.

It is unconscionable.
6 weeks ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

It is the worst economic problem in recent years [decades] that I can recall. And that goes back to 15% inflation in the late 1970s, when I was a full-time student on a fixed income [grant] without the time nor the opportunities for part-time employment !

Part of the problem is actually the fixed deals and the twice a year OFGEM prices hikes.
I heat the house / hot-water and do a lot of cooking with gas, but that's tanked LPG. The cost of which has rocketed recently. I'm starting to look at lots more "little things" to make economies in expenditure. especially as all four of us are [effectively] pensioners and, therefore, on fixed incomes.
We are still having groceries delivered and that actually helps, to a certain extent. But it does prevent inspecting the "short date" perishables ...

e2a - the situation is nor helped by the "any & all profits are GOOD" and the "any benefit claimant is automatically a scrounger" attitudes that are prevalent - if somewhat disguised - in some {most} of our current governing party.
[Get off your soapbox, SR]
6 weeks ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Sara. We have very little gas here. The hot water is heated by electricity, tho the boiler (not a combi) in the kitchen runs on gas and controls the heating and water heater. It's all old - typical rental, and we have a large hot water tank, hence why we can't afford to leave it on all day. Most people are feeling the pinch I think, meanwhile companies like SSE just posted that they've made £1.5bn operating profit. That is not a typo. It's obscene!
6 weeks ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Yes I know what you mean. I live in a big house with high ceilings, and I don't have central heating. I have a halogen heater and an oil filled radiator. I have the halogen facing me which keeps me warm, but I do notice the difference when I leave the room!!! As for my bed, I have an electric blanket which I switch on when I go to bed, which warms me up and then I switch it off before I go to sleep. I have found this year the best thing since sliced bread though - I have new bedding which is like a fluffy fleece and it feels warm as soon as you get in bed. Absolute heaven. I swear that's what's kept me happy this winter. I dread hearing what's the cost of electricity is now - I don't understand how they can get away with it. Apparently I get £150 towards the heating costs - yeh right - like that won't even leave a dent in the bill. Funnily enough the Chancellor decided that we wouldn't get a cost of living rise in the pension, but only a 2% rise, which means a rise of about £5 a month - but what rise they give a pensioner is taken off the pension credit - so no change there eh? There again, we are better off than some countries - can't think of which ones though at the moment!!
6 weeks ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Jenny. High ceilings here too, and they're awful IMO.

I bought new duvets not so long ago to keep both of us warm, and some fleece 'blankets' too which weren't that costly, but they're so warm and soft. We both have a hot water bottle too to keep the cold out in the winter.

The pension payments in the UK are the worst in Europe apparently, and a total disgrace. We have a Living Wage, there should be similar for pensioners to ensure they can afford to heat and eat.

Take care, keep warm. Really hope you can get away to Turkey for the winter as at least you'll be warm.
6 weeks ago