This week, I again didn’t do most of the scheduled overtime. I still haven’t shifted my cold, still feeling under the weather, and the store was quiet anyway, so I volunteered to work my normal hours aside from the one day. Management were fine about it as there was little work. The week ticked over nicely, nothing to report, and now it’s Sunday afternoon and I have 2 days off to look forward to.

Sunday, I made a chocolate fudge cake for my son’s birthday. The one having the birthday always gets to choose the main course, curry, and the desert. I’m going to try and make onion bhajis again, and chicken pakora; should be fun lol.

It was my sister’s birthday recently and she commented on the card I’d sent. I thought it was lovely, said some nice things, though she thought it a bit ‘touchy feely’ and was surprised. This is the same person who sent a card to my son that was more suitable for a 12-year-old. Hmmm. So far, not even an email from his dad. On one level I understand, it’s not like my son communicates with him, but on the other hand, he only has one child.

I know I’m not young, though every year my son has a birthday, it makes me feel older. I wonder, where the h*ll did the time go? Like many I’m sure, I can vividly remember his birth, and it’s staggering that it was 26 years ago!

This past month I only worked about 10 hours overtime which is a tad light. We have a bonus due next payday, my third since working here, and I’ve been mindful of how much overtime I do. Too much, and I’ll just lose it in taxes and stoppages. No point working myself too hard is there?

Apart from leaks, not too much has been going on. Major leak in work and to get the soft fruits we had to wade through water lol. Eventually the fruit was moved onto a ‘cage’ and the area cordoned off before anybody had a slip. I came home to the toilet overflow pouring water into the garden, and a small leak from the cistern in the bathroom. Buckets have been deployed, and the landlord notified though goodness knows when they’ll bother to get it repaired. We still don’t have our new contract that we were advised about months ago. They’d stated if we commit to stay for a further 12 months, then they won’t put the rent up. We agreed, in principle, that it sounded like a good idea, though the signed contract has yet to materialise. Meantime, I’ve looked online but there’s not really anywhere that I’d want to move to. Now if the universe could just see its way to send a shedful of money my way, we could look for somewhere to settle down… I live in hope :)

Take care, be safe, and have a good week.


Gracie said:

You pick some nice cards! And even if she didn't like it or she found it too "touchy feely" it was rude to say so. I know she's your sister but it was.
That is some cold there. Are you sure its not a sinus infection or the like? Its been like 3 weeks now right? Don't work too hard, period.
Its so annoying when you try something new (landlord) and it turns out as disappointing as the old.. I hope they respond faster than the last at least.
5 weeks ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Gracie.

Yes, I thought it rude too. It was lovely. Should be grateful she got one lol.

It's been almost 2 weeks I think with this cold. I have a lingering cough and very stuffy nose which is a drag. Not thought about sinuses... I can get meds for that so will try that if it doesn't clear soon.

The water leaks are complex, and I've just cancelled the repair request. The waterboard are mucking around with the pressure in the area and have recently caused 2 water leaks within sight of our house. They've now fixed both, the water pressure is back to normal, and no leaks for 48 hours at the house.
5 weeks ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

Ah, lingering "winter" colds which mutate into hay fever are the bane of my life, usually. Thankfully not been a problem for me in the past two & half years.
I might suggest extra Vits C and D to help with the recovery ...

My bro is quite bad at remembering b'days and anniversaries. He sometimes emails something daft ... although he often sends cards out around the New Year. I'm nearly as bad, tbh.
Several of the places I worked at had a tradition of bringing in cakes / biscuits on birthdays, especially the notable ones. The mob I worked with when I got to my half century managed to build me a daft card - I hadn't spotted the cameras being deployed for some candid shots of me working in the sample library. I've still got it tucked away in the memory box !

After several years experience of renting - as students - OH & I were lucky enough to get onto the housing ladder as soon as we got married, and a couple or three years ago we finally paid off the last mortgage [several house removes later, each one going up the ladder a bit].
5 weeks ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks. Yep, it's definitely lingering! Due to our diet, a lot of vegan food, we both take a multi vit but thanks for the idea.

Men are often the worst lol. My son always remembers though, and even remembers Mother's Day which often surprises me as I don't make a big thing out of it.

Where I work, people often bring in sweets/cup cakes on their Birthday though it's not 'expected.' I always book my Birthday off as I try to never work on my Birthday if I can help it. Sometimes I'll take in a tub of sweets before I go on leave. Home-made has been frowned on since Covid which is a shame.

I had a home. My son's Father put paid to that, now it'll take a lottery win before I'll ever own my own place again.
5 weeks ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

I can't believe that your sister complained about your card. It's the thought that counts anyway. I can imagine that she would have complained even louder if you hadn't bothered at all. I'm the same as you every time my children have birthdays - my son is 52 and my daughter is 51 - so you can imagine how old I feel. Still I'm pleased to still be around to see them grow old.

I'm so lucky to have inherited my home, as even though I'd had my own home before, I'd given it (in a way) to my daughter and unfortunately her ex managed to borrow on the house and then he left!!! Which meant there was nothing left for Mandi and none for me. Still that's life!!!

My daughter never forgets Mother's Day or anything like that - my son has forgotten some days though - but that's just like his dad!!!

If you are still feeling rough - take things easy and maybe see a Pharmacist and ask them what would be a good idea for you to do.
4 weeks ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Jenny. I'm glad your children, mostly, remember events and send cards.

Ex's often have a lot to answer for... I know I'll never get involved with anyone ever again.

Feeling a tad better now, thanks. Just have a bit of a cough still, and my voice fails most evenings though it's back again in the morning.
4 weeks ago