Cabin fever
There are so many fires around Oregon and California that most people are staying inside whenever possible because of the smoke. I bought a good mask over the weekend, so if I do have to go out I'll be prepared. It's also very hot (90° - 105°).

So, I've got cabin fever and I am not the only one! There are similar conditions in many places on the globe. I just saw on the news that today, Tokyo was 105°! I have been to Japan and it was more humid than anyplace I've ever been, including W. Africa. (Poor Kiiti!)

Cabin fever
(Wikipedia) "...is an idiomatic term for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group ends up in an isolated or solitary location, or stuck indoors in confined quarters for an extended period. Cabin fever describes the extreme irritability and restlessness a person may feel in these situations.[1]"

UPDATE 7/24/18: Poor Greece! Horrible fires, many homes burned and about 75 deaths. Their government is asking for international help, which I hope is on the way.


Pam J said:


It was 109F here 4 days ago.. followed by 105F and 103F more to come.

Welcome to Climate Change folks.

Oklahoma is normally dry heat... this year there has been awful humidity for weeks (add 55% humidity to 105F and you get a number you dont want to know.

There wil stil be cycles and "normal" years.. but this is a real beginning.

The fires... i feel for you.. SF for 10 days in smoke was awful at times.

Here .. we get wildfires and tornados and earthquakes and straight line winds (mini hurricanes)... and that just a normal year !!

3 years ago

Diane Putnam replied to Pam J:

I am familiar with Oklahoma's devilish storms. The only funnel cloud I ever saw was above Salisaw, where my aunt and uncle live. I was freaked out and ready to dive into their storm cellar, but my aunt looked up at it and said "aw, that's not gonna come down..." and it didn't. Just earth-cracking lightning and thunder.

Yes, this is the beginning. Too bad you and I - and probably everyone we like - believe scientists. We have no sense of false hope.

It's so awful what's happening in Gingreece! So many terrible fires and deaths in that tiny country...
3 years ago

Stormlizard said:

Here in Denmarkwe have had two whole months of Summer without rai, the grass is brown.

Yes Diane, Never visit Japan before October which is the dryest month and the yhoons have ceased. This does not apply to Okinawa however where I experienced 36 C with exyreme Humidity during the day, and right down to 33 C same humidity at night.

I too have Cabin fever but for a different reason.
3 years ago

Diane Putnam replied to Stormlizard:

Funny thing is, I was there in mid-November, so I packed fall clothes. UGH! Also, it was impossible to buy my size clothes there, since I am older than 8 years! So, I suffered and sweated through my wardrobe miseries - lol! I saw on CNN that is was 106F (41C) in central Japan a few days ago! Add humidity to that and they said it felt like 44C!!!

Sorry about your cabin fever. ;-(
3 years ago

Peggy C said:

If you feel a slight breeze, Diane --- it has floated from NC .. but only slight [ couldn't possibly send all of them ] ..

Still waiting to the "Storms" .. if the windows rattle, that is a storm -- so far, NC hasn't gotten one since we moved back .. so we didn't bring those Rattling FL Storms ~
3 years ago

Diane Putnam replied to Peggy C:

Oh dear, I saw there are bad floods back there, somewhere. Maybe it's the midwest, though. It is very unsettling, this climate change thing, and before long there will be climate change refugees everywhere. Good luck to those who want to remain "pure!" (I'm talking to you, Lump.) Haha! ;-b.
3 years ago

Rrrolf replied to :

"Lump" - made my day!!! Thanks Diane!
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Pat Del said:

The temperature is actually very hot in Europe !
3 years ago

Diane Putnam replied to Pat Del:

I know, I've been seeing that on the news! ;-o
3 years ago

Diane Putnam replied to :

Well, he makes every day miserable over here! Lol! <<<desperate laughter
3 years ago