Greetings, Norwegians!
These are urgently awful political times, so I feel compelled to state the obvious right out in the open, on occasion. Background: tinyurl.com/ybjj6whv
The summary is that the president doesn't want any immigrants from "sh**hole countries," and that's a direct quote. Those are countries with certain skin colors predominant. Instead, he wants decent people from places like Norway. So, here is my welcome to our new immigrants from Norway, as long as they're white Norwegians...
Welcome to America! We are sure you'll enjoy your new lives here, where you can be governed by an illiterate lunatic, eat all the hamburgers and fries you want, gain 40 pounds, finally own that AR-15 you've been wanting...aw, heck, you can own several...and have the best medical care in the world as long as you can pay for it! Yay!

Today, I reached a new pinnacle of anger. I hardly know what to do with myself these days.


Pat Del said:

President Trump's often proclaiming statements are not part of what we call "politically correct" ...
4 years ago

Gudrun said:

Maybe Norway will make an offer for asylum seekers from the U.S;-)
4 years ago

Peggy C said:

I thought about writing an Apology for him --- but, he is the one who needs to do it and shut his mouth !
Period ..

That we, as Citizens of the United States of America ( who have come from diverse backgrounds ) can survive him --- that is my hope ..

There are too many good, honest people here and I don't give a flip where they came from !
My ancestors came when "no Irish need apply" was in shop windows -- they couldn't read
or write (I have a copy of a birth certificate where an ancestor signed his name with an X) ..

4 years ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

Well, the orange one decided that he wasn't coming to London in February ... pity, as I know *a few* people who wanted to show just how welcome he was (not) !
4 years ago

Peggy C replied to StoneRoad2013:

You are very fortunate that t is not coming, Sara ...... he is not even welcome here, we just haven't got our ACT together to get him out of office --- the next one in line is horrid also ..

We will survive --- made it through Johnson and Nixon .. we can this one, also !
4 years ago

Pam J said:


No heart attack Lady
The orange bar steward isnt worth it

I an increasing the number of pins in the wax dolls.......
4 years ago

Peggy C replied to Pam J:

More ..more !!
4 years ago ( translate )

Diane Putnam replied to :

Lol! OK, Here is an old photo I found. A familiar person goes shopping at Safeway...click to enlarge for full effect.

4 years ago

slgwv said:

Waiting for the mid terms--
4 years ago

Diane Putnam replied to slgwv:

Yep, sitting here drumming my nails everyday!
4 years ago ( translate )

Peggy C said:

Did you read George Will's column ... Vote Dem - not R .. from a man who is as R as they get
(but he is one with a brain .. not like t ....) .. ***

***George Will -- I just discovered in 2016 became ''unaffiliated'' per Wikipedia **

That isn't a nice way to compare George --- am sorry, George .. please accept my apology..
3 years ago

Diane Putnam replied to Peggy C:

I did read that. I've respected George Will since the 80s. It was, even then, highly unusual to see a conservative who was open to other ideas. I didn't agree with most of his opinions, by any means, but I respected him as a thinker, rather than a reactor. He's often gone against the "party line!"
3 years ago

Peggy C replied to :

Hello, My Friend -

Dropping by just to tell you ... a friend of Mr C calls the individual we are talking about ..

AGENT ORANGE -- as Pam would say "Brilliant!!"

Every morn I check the paper Mr C puts at my place ..
If Agent Orange is in view -- the paper gets flipped over !
What a ___________________________ [fill it in] to see before coffee!

Hope y'all are doing fine out wherever it is that you are :) ...

3 years ago

Diane Putnam replied to :

Ah yes, I've seen that somewhere, it's perfect. Poisons everything for miles around it. For a while after the election, my granddaughter and I "trolled" newspapers and tabloids by turning them all around when standing in line at a grocery store registers. ;-b
3 years ago

Peggy C replied to :

The year .. 2019

"Because of me it is now 2019.
That's the highest number year ever
Much higher than Obama."

Don't want to mess your page up, so will not post Agent Orange in front of his peeples.

This is going to be a VERY interesting year !
3 years ago