Nantiya points at something for me to see Dec 2008

Photo taken in the Anciet Siam Historical Park.
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╰☆☆June☆☆╮ said:

Are you ok now John?
4 years ago

Stormlizard replied to ╰☆☆June☆☆╮:

No June, I have Lung Cancer.
4 years ago

TimC replied to Stormlizard:

I am shocked to read of your illness, John, and here's hoping you're receiving the best care available.
4 years ago

Stormlizard replied to TimC:

Thank you very much TimC, I have good doctors and a very good hospital where I was given good treatment for heart problems and later a Pacemaker that is going to be changed in November They also deal with Cancer.
4 years ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Do you remember what she was showing you, John?
4 years ago

Stormlizard replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Yes Jenny, it was an ncient Thai house on top of a rock outcrop.
4 years ago

Aus Blue said:

a lovely photo of you and your friend Johnno*******...lovely memories for you and not all that long ago
4 years ago

Stormlizard replied to Aus Blue:

Thank you Pam, yes her boy friend took the photo.
4 years ago

Smiley Derleth said:

A lovely photo. And sending all good thoughts and wishes for your health from here, John.
4 years ago

Stormlizard replied to Smiley Derleth:

Thank you very much Smiley.
4 years ago

sasithorn_s said:

Lovely shot! Are you still in contact with your friends in Thailand?
4 years ago

Stormlizard replied to sasithorn_s:

Thank you Sas, it was taken by Nantiyas boyfriend Thomas.

Yes I am still in contact with some of them often via my Japanese friends We use Skype.
4 years ago

Stormlizard said:

Thank you Valerie.
4 years ago