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Ups..what now?
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Boarischa Krautmo said:

take it home for dinner ;-)))
3 years ago

Marko Novosel replied to Boarischa Krautmo:

yes,next time i must take a slingshot with me. ;)
3 years ago

Boarischa Krautmo replied to Marko Novosel:

3 years ago ( translate )

Diane Putnam said:

Is that a full-grown one, or a juvenile? Hmm, I assume you didn't get charged by it. Interesting shot!
3 years ago

Marko Novosel replied to Diane Putnam:

I dont know,when i spotted it just took a shoot and slowly started to go back,you never know..
3 years ago

Sarah P. said:

Better safe than sorry ;-)
3 years ago

Christel Ehretsmann said:

an interesting neighbour
7 months ago ( translate )

Marko Novosel replied to Christel Ehretsmann:

Yeah,pretty wild one. ;)
6 months ago ( translate )