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Ulrich John said:

A fantastic view and composition !
2 years ago ( translate )

just"jj" said:

Thank You Ulrich John.
I now have to confess to being a fraud.
I have spent half an hour trying to upload a short video and it keeps going to "My documents" , so thought I would try with a screenshot of a satellite view of one of my childhood homes.
I am so glad you enjoyed it and will show its location on the map.

(am still trying with the other shot!)
After more experimenting, it seems I have a problem with Firefox.
It would not allow me to post the location, but Safari would.
Back to the drawing board!
2 years ago

tiabunna said:

An interesting view of Flinders Island, Judith. That would have been a unique and interesting place to live. I hope the Firefox update will have cured your problems uploading.
2 years ago