Viscount Travel LRV 992 at Whittlesey - 21 May 2023 (P1150628)

Sunday 21 May 2023 (1110) – The annual Fenland Busfest is held in the
town centre of Whittlesey occupying Broad Street and Market Street with the rally control/bus ride departures centred on the Market Place.

It is a pity that sound doesn’t come with this photograph so that the magnificent sound of this Leyland PD2/12 could be heard.

Bodied by Metro-Cammell it was new to Portsmouth Corporation in April 1956 as a standard covered top bus. In April 1971 it was modified to become an open top bus.

Now operated by Viscount Travel Limited of Thornton-le-Dale, North Yorkshire.
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Stephan Fey said:

What a treasure!
13 months ago