The Sunday Challenge #543 (Finale)

PIP - A few of our Challenges, Top Left - Repeating Pattern, Top Left - Musical Instrument
Bottom Left - Games, Bottom Middle - Twisted Wire - Bottom Right - Behind

After almost ten years, 543 Challenges and 100+ members (over the course of those ten years), TSC is ending it's challenges!

Over the years, members have moved on & new members came into the group. There are still a few who have been since the beginning or close to it. Lots of fun times, lots friendships formed with lively conversation and even a few "URKS" along the way.

Some of us had to leave our comfort zone at times when it came to our cameras & photography. I know I had to be "pushed" into attempting some of the challenges. Some with success and others not so much.(but did learn a lot)

We survived some crazy days on the dark side before making our new home here with Ipernity. We made the leap with the rest of Ipernity to take over the Ipernity platform to call it our own. That wasn't the easiest of tasks nor were the updates that were required at that time or the ones that continue to be on the to do list.

We've shared our personal life with earth other, the happy & the sad times. We supported each other dealing with the Covid19 & continue to do so. It is a different world out there with serious & dangerous situations at hand but we move forward as best we can.

We gave it good run, but here we are. I hope your experience with TSC has been a pleasant one. Maybe we even learned ways to improve our photography, while we were having that fun!

I find it difficult to find the words to describe how much I have enjoyed being here with Fraggs & Wendi. All of you have been the most pleasant & encouraging folks to cross my life's path, you are all very much appreciated.

Keep catching the light & keep the challenges going with Jan's group.


Stay Well - Laugh A Lot - Be Kind To Yourself & Others.



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Andy Rodker said:

Dear Chris,
I was never a member of the group but much enjoyed seeing some of the results. You say how hard it is to express your thoughts here, but I think you just did so very well and with great articularity and feeling! You got me thinking I was mad not to join in the fun!
I may well join the group you mention above.
All best wishes,
22 months ago

Xata said:

You said it all…
This year has been a very hard one for me, the end of this group adds some sadness to it.
Thanks for everything, thank you for being so full of light and such a generous Lady.
Bem haja
22 months ago

Jan said:

Thanks Chris and thanks for the lovely words. Agree with all you said. Hope you will stay in touch. Best wishes and hugs x
22 months ago

Amelia said:

You've expressed it all perfectly, Chris. Thank you.
All the best.
22 months ago

Jean Pierre Marcello said:

Je n'ai pas fait partie du groupe bien longtemps mais je ressens de la tristesse à vous voir partir. Merci pour nous avoir permis de passer de bons moments.
22 months ago ( translate )

Gillian Everett said:

A fine image for the finale, Chris. It has been an absolute pleasure to be in TSC with you. You have put such a great effort into the group, and shared so much warmth, and it is greatly appreciated, by all of us. We have had so much enjoyment in the group over the years, and it feels like a family. Hope you will keep in touch, and wishing you the very best of health and happiness.
22 months ago