Solar Eclipse 8 April 2024

Total solar eclipse viewed from near Indianapolis, Indiana.
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Doerthe said:

Fantastic!. What did you use to protect your camera?
5 weeks ago

Ronald Losure replied to Doerthe:

I have a sheet of solar film sandwiched between a pair of neutral filters that I screw onto the camera lens.
5 weeks ago

Ronald Losure replied to Ronald Losure:

During the totality phase, I took the filter off the camera.
5 weeks ago

sunlight said:

Eine großartige Darstellung Ronald! Danke dafür!
4 weeks ago ( translate )

Ronald Losure replied to sunlight:

Danke schön, Ingrid.
4 weeks ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

There was no chance of me seeing this from where I live Ronald, and I won't be around for the next one :-)))

A superb video...........fascinating to watch. Thanks for sharing!
4 weeks ago

Ronald Losure replied to Keith Burton:

Thanks, Keith. This is probably my last eclipse, too. Many years before the next one in North America.
4 weeks ago