Could we go outside?

Rosie & Branco
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Keith Burton said:

A smashing shot Ronald...........it looks like Rosie is a bit keener than Branco to get outside :-)))
8 months ago

Ronald Losure replied to Keith Burton:

Rosie is full of energy; Branco likes to take naps. Thanks, Keith.
8 months ago

Keith Burton replied to Ronald Losure:

I'm with Branco on this!
8 months ago

Leo W said:

Sicher bist du bald mit ihnen eine Runde gegangen.
8 months ago ( translate )

Ronald Losure replied to Leo W:

Ja natürlich. Wir gehen mehrmals am Tag spazieren. Sie lieben die Natur. Danke für den Besuch, Leo.
8 months ago ( translate )