A new start with Lightroom
October 1st 2020.

I have made haphazard use of Adobe Lightroom for a few years now and today I have decided to start again.

I have created a new Catalog and am going to start to create Collections and better use of tags and Maps.... as I type I realise I have uploaded files to Ipernity and have omitted that step so I will have to export some again with map locations.

The random use of the Develop options to date means no consistent approach.
The creation of preset options should speed up the processes and give better results.
We will see how I get on.


HappySnapper said:

Good luck with that Colin, I tried Lightroom on a free trial basis but very quickly deleted from my hard drive, Any skills I have with photo editing ends at Adobe Elements. I don't think I have the imagination or the skills to go forward with Lightroom.
3 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to HappySnapper:

I am more optimistic than that. I think I understand enough of it now to make better use of it.

trial and error has shown the way.
3 years ago

Keith Burton said:

I used to use both LR and Photoshop, on a monthly payment basis. Both were far more than I actually need as an amateur.

I have been using ON1 software for a couple of years now.........it does pretty much everything LR did and it's much more intuitive (for me at least). It might be worth getting the 30 day free trial to see what you think.
3 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to Keith Burton:

Thanks Keith I am much happier with Lightroom than I was though I have never made muc use of Photoshop at all ( I have tried some of the tutorials but they don't inspire me) So having just renewed ( annual payment) I will stick with them for 2021 and see if I get a chance to do more with them. I have just added Lightroom to my iPhone but I am just getting use to that as a phone and using twitter. Only experiment with Lightroom on phone showed it was good at controlling toe phone camera options.
3 years ago