I created a group
I’ve had never created a group before until today.

I realised that many of my photographs are another attempt to capture a subject when there is a limited opportunity to get one. It’s hopefully better than last time, more in focus, better lit or just larger in the frame.

The idea was triggered the moment I was taking a shot of a poppy in the garden. Each year they appear and disappear very quickly.

BUT the more difficult shots are they ones I try every year. Capturing a Swallow or even a Swift in flight. Swifts are only here for a few weeks and hardly pose for a photo so it’s worth a go, trying to get one in focus for a start.

The Group is called: One More Time


HappySnapper said:

Well Colin, when I was with Flickr 11 years ago now I had one particular contact who created some outstanding shots of the most simple and most unlikely subjects. Her secret was she spent a bit of time setting up the shot and had a good working knowledge of using Bokeh. When I messaged her one day about it she replied "For every shot there are 1000 possibilities" How true that is and I have never forgotten it. Most of my shots are instant on the spot shots, I could spend half a day without or even thinking about changing settings but occasionally I do stop and think and work things out and what a difference it makes.
As for the Swift I managed it after about 50 + shots by pre-focussing in an area where I had seen them flying all morning and using continuous when I saw one coming out of the corner of my eye.
I'll lookout for the group.
5 years ago

Colin Ashcroft said:

yes your Swift solution is the way to get a success. I will invite you to join the group
5 years ago