I'm back
My health is improving and I hae had 3 days getting in walks,not long ones but walks all the same,
This stopped this morning when I awoke to 70mph plus winda and heavy rain.
At least the rest of the county is getting back to normal after 69,000 buildind were withou power the last of which siould at last be back on line.
There is still a big clean up campaign to clear fallen trees/
I wil check in with your blogs tomorrow


Jenny McIntyre said:

So pleased to see you back on here again. As you say - you've managed to get a few walks in and I could see your face and demeanour changing daily - not so grumpy!!!! Don't worry it should be okay for you to get a few walks in, just dress up with loads of warm clothes - and a hat and thermals and you'll be fine. Just take it easy though - for your back.
2 years ago

Gracie said:

Very glad you're back and doing better! Enforced captivity keeps you from over doing it.. xo
2 years ago

Bee Orchid said:

Yay! We've missed you!
Welcome back Mickey.

Awful being without power for so long, and totally unacceptable IMO
2 years ago

Aus Blue said:

great you are on the mend Mickey!!!!!!!
2 years ago