A visitor to the house!!
Well it's been really quiet since I lost Pippin and I do want to adopt another cat, but I need to go away to stay with Mandi and Dogan for a couple of weeks and it's just not fair to leave a new cat in a strange home completely alone for a couple of weeks. I know that my friends and neighbours would come in and feed it, but it's not the same. So I'll see about adoption maybe when I come back.

Back to the reason for this blog. It was a gorgeous day outside a couple of days ago and I went outside my kitchen to take some pictures of the bluebells edging my driveway. Whilst I was out there, I was aware of this sudden movement from behind me and out shot this gorgeous pussy cat from the kitchen!!!!!

He's a gorgeous looking cat - lots of different colours and nice and fluffy. So he's obviously someone's cat and not a stray. It was so strange seeing this cat lying in the same place that Pippin always laid. Then he was aware of some movement in the small wall - just as Pippin always did -

Then just as Pippin always did - he stopped and watched a butterfly!!! I know that mice have nests in that wall, because Pippin used to bring them into the house (never hurt) and he used to put them gently on the carpet and then try to play with them. As expected they would try to run away - not really wanting to play with a huge animal in comparison to them!

I must admit I really loved just watching this lovely little animal enjoying the bluebells in the driveway and the sunshine.

Then he decided not to bother but to settle down again and sit in the sun.

Well this morning, whilst I was preparing my breakfast, I heard the catflap go and the cat came shooting through and went upstairs. Needless to say - I wasn't able to follow it, but I imagine he's found a spare bed to lie on!! I don't know why he's coming into my house, because there's no cat food here for it. I'm just waiting for him to get enough bravado up to come to me for a stroke. Oh well, maybe he will soon. I'll try and get a picture then.

I hope you all had a great Easter and that you are now starting to enjoy warmth from Spring. It's not warm here in the South West though - I mean 8C is rather cold for this time of year!!! Take care of yourselves.


Gracie said:

Maybe its Pippin reincarnated? Have you gotten your plans for Turkey done yet?
12 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gracie:

I'm just relieved that this cat is multi-coloured, otherwise I'd be having the shivers.

No not sorted things out yet. I'm hoping it won't be long though
12 months ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

He [or she] is lovely ... looks like they've found another spot for a quiet snooze.

Good luck with planning your trip to Turkey.
12 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to StoneRoad2013:

Yes it's a lovely cat - she keeps coming to the window but it's too cold to have it open yet, but when I do have it open, I have a feeling he/she might pop in through the lounge window.
12 months ago