Just a few notes of the last few days.....
Hello folks, well it's been just over a week since I last wrote to you all. I've been making new resin jewellry, as I'd got myself some new moulds. I did this because I needed to take a break from all the news about Turkey. I do have Sky tv and so I've been watching TRT World which is the Turkish News but in English!!! I have been glued to it some days because I was staggered at how many people were still being brought out alive, even after 10 days since the earthquakes. How has that been possible?

I noticed that the ones who have survived these long days, have all been young people. In one a newborn baby was rescued. It's mother had died, but the baby came out still attached to the umbilical cord. I suppose it fed from the mother in a way until it was rescued. It just blew my mind at the rescues. Also seeing the animals being saved - I saw today a cat which had been rescued and it won't leave the shoulders of the fireman who rescued it. That is so sweet to see - the cat keeps kissing the man and he is smiling all the time. He has said that if they can't find the owners, then he'll adopt it. So there are some really heart warming stories coming out of such devastation.

Dogan's family are doing okay at his brother's place, but I've got a feeling that they'll all soon be suffering from PTSD, because this type of experience will be with them for ever, even if it diminishes over the years.

Well I've been making new moulds as I said. The only thing with them is that I don't have any links big enough to have them put on to be able to hang them on chains. So I've had fun trying to find some other ways of attaching them to links - watch this space. Otherwise I'm really pleased with them ...

You see what I mean about the different shapes - I'm really getting excited at the shapes and how it's going to change my designs.

When Emily came on Wednesday, she brought along her own resin moulds and glitter etc because she said that she can't get it right, so she was bringing it to me, so I could use them. I know how much she wanted to get it right, so I decided that when she comes next week, there isn't very much work to be done, so I'm going to help her get her resin work done properly and so she can get the feeling back into making jewellry. So in a way, I'll be paying her to show her how to make jewellry!!! It's the wrong way round isn't it? LOL

So you see I'm a very generous, if not daft, person. Emily is such a fantastic person and she really buoys me up when she comes over and will do anything I want her to do, so it's the least I can do. If she finds she really doesn't feel like she hopes to, then she'll leave the moulds etc here for me!!!

I've had to make sure I behaved myself this last week, as all my neighbours abandoned me - Yvonne went to Bristol to cat-sit her daughter's moggy while she went on holiday - Ann & Peter went to Lanzarote for a holiday and Richard & Joyce went to see their daughter in Hampshire. So inconsiderate of them to all go at the same time!!!!! LOL So I've not thought about it, but I knew that I could always call Emily if necessary.

So that's about all folks really. As you can see I lead a very exciting life. It's still cold but when the sun's out, I don't have to have the heaters on until the sun moves away from the windows. Every bit helps eh? Take care of yourselves.


Gracie said:

Lovely pendant. They're a bit different but thats good. Don't want to get in a rut right? I rarely watch any news anymore as its so depressing or angers me how these idjits we elected screw up. The stories you mentioned are amazing.. I am so happy to hear that.
15 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gracie:

Thanks Gracie. I'm a bit like you in your thinking. Why do the ones we put our trust in, turn out to be absolute idiots? They say all the right things to get elected, then they get into the Government and I swear they all have frontal labotomies as soon as they get in, because they seem to forget what they promised!
15 months ago

Gillian Everett said:

Heartwarming stories, coming out of the terrible tragedy in Turkey.
15 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gillian Everett:

Yes they are - I think when you see the rescuers still managing to save people and also animals, it makes it good for them too.
15 months ago

raingirl said:

Your designs here are wonderful! I do like the direction you are going. (Not that you need my approval! Haha!!) What I mean is I enjoy seeing them a lot.
13 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to raingirl:

Thanks so much. I'm really grateful for the lovely comments I get. As I don't get out and about, it's rather restrictive for taking different photos.
13 months ago