My daughter in Turkey.....
I've had lots of enquiries regarding my daughter who lives in Turkey, about how she and her husband are since the earthquakes, so I thought I'd write a quick article to tell you all how things are.

When I heard about the earthquake I was obviously very worried. I immediately called my daughter to see if she had been affected too. As she's around 1,000 kms away, she was fine. She's on a different fault line too. The only problem was that Dogan's family lives over that part of Turkey.

They all live in Kahramanmaras, which is where the epicentre of the second quake was. Even though they haven't lost their homes, they've been told to evacuate and they are now living in tents (in the tent city) and to add to their woes, it's snowing very heavily and they've not been able to collect their clothes or anything like that from their homes, in case they collapse.

Obviously Dogan is extremely worried about them, especially about his mum who's not terribly well. He talked to them at the beginning of the situation, then he couldn't get through for about 5 or 6 hours, and of course they had the news on permantly and they could see the snow and see the buildings collapsing, he was so worried about them. Luckily his mother managed to get through to him to explain things were okay with them. The relief on his face was wonderful to see.

Apparently his mother was fine, as were his brothers and sisters and their families. They all lived in the same block of apartments and so were able to be safe at the same time. While I was listening to him talking to his family - it made me realise that they're MY family too!!!! Even though I've never seen them, nor spoken to them, they're still part of my family. So I've been watching the news eagerly. They are talking about sending some people to other parts of Turkey, so Dogan has told them to come to him and Mandi, as they have a spare room. Watch this space - they are loath to leaving their home, because they are hoping they'll be able to go to their home without any problem.

Right folks, I will let you know as and when the news changes.

Take care of yourselves please.


Gracie said:

You already know Im happy Mandi is ok. Such a shame to see the devastation..Hopefully Dogans family will be allowed to go to their homes again once the structures have been determined safe
15 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gracie:

Yes I do know Gracie, it's wonderful of you to care so much about my daughter. Is it because her name is the same as your daughters? LOL

Yes the devastation is horrendous, and we are just waiting for them to deem their houses safe to return, but there have been seismologists who are saying that a larger quake might just be on its way, so they are probably erring on the side of caution.
15 months ago

Ronny Hermans said:

Hopefully everything returns back to normal for them, thank you for posting this.
15 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Ronny Hermans:

Nu ik de foto's op het nieuws heb gezien, kan ik niet bedenken wanneer het ooit normaal zal zijn. Ik zie een hoop PTSD's (posttraumatische stressstoornis) later worden waargenomen. Met Dogan's moeder die behoorlijk oud is, zou deze schok haar wel eens kunnen afmaken. Dat is waarschijnlijk waar Dogan zich zorgen over maakt.
15 months ago ( translate )

StoneRoad2013 said:

Thanks for the news, Jenny.
Pleased that Mandi & Dogan are safe - but I am also worried about his family. They've had a lucky escape. I do hope that they, especially his mother, stay safe and well. Hopefully, no PTSD !
The winter weather can't be helping, at all.
I shall be making a donation to the DEC appeal ... & keeping my fingers 'n' toes crossed that the aftershocks are small, limited and over quickly - the situation in both countries must be very bad !
15 months ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Thanks Cathy, Yes I'm also concerned about Dogan's family, I keep seeing the news and I am also watching TRT News (Turkish News) and obviously the disaster is making sure that the tv news is watching the situation 24/7. I'm still amazed at people still being brought out alive when it's 4 days and the temperatures are horrendous with -5C or worse at times.

They've had over 100 aftershocks up until yesterday, and some of them are quakes in their own right, as they were over 5.0. I can't even imagine the feelings that the people are having at the moment. Dogan isn't pushing his family to come to his home, as they prefer to be with the family in a place that they've always lived in. Meanwhile Dogan can't get to them, as travel is virtually banned because they need workers to be able to help out and be there.
15 months ago

Keith Burton said:

Thank you for keeping us up to date Jenny............you must be so relieved that they are all still alive and uninjured, albeit they are having to live in appalling conditions.

I hope things get better for them soon. I feel so sorry for those who have lost relatives and friends as well as their. homes etc. Such devastation!
15 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Keith Burton:

Yes I am very relieved that they are safe and also their home is still standing. My daughter and her husband have offered his family a place to stay, although they only have two bedrooms and a lounge. They are preferring to stay near their home, because some people are raiding shops and houses to steal whatever they can - at least the police have clues who they are and are reacting. A friend of Mandi's who's also married to a Turk, apparently his sister-in-law left their home with her children and the building collapsed directly onto them. So her husband has been trying to get there, but he can't. It must be horrendous for some families
15 months ago

Annemarie said:

ohhhh Jenny

I did not know that, but I am very glad that you wrote this, and wish them all that they will be reliefed soon by helps and by being brought in a safe and warm place.......what a so terrible disaster:(
15 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Annemarie:

Thanks Annemarie, yes it's a terrible disaster but even now almost 5 days later, some people are being pulled out of the ruins alive - absolutely brilliant.
15 months ago

Frans Schols said:

Hartelijk bedankt, Jenny, dat je ons op de hoogte houd van wat er met jouw dochter en haar familie gebeurd. Wij leven allemaal mee met deze vreselijke ramp.
De beste wensen, Frans.
15 months ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre replied to Frans Schols:

Bedankt voor je lieve bericht en ik zal het zeker doorgeven aan mijn dochter en man. Zijn familie zal nooit meer hetzelfde zijn, daar ben ik zeker van. Ze zijn pas een paar maanden geleden in hun nieuwe huis getrokken, blijkbaar is hun oude huis ingestort. Zoveel geluk.
15 months ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker said:

Following it all and pleased they're all right but still an immense worry for them and you.
15 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Andy Rodker:

I heard today that Dogan's mother, sister and family, brother and family and another brother have gone to his older brother (who's a policeman) in the east of Turkey - a 10 hour coach drive for them!!! At least they're warm and fed and safe, which is the main thing. I'm watching the news (TRT World) which is showing everything.
15 months ago

Keith Burton replied to :

Good news Jenny........and a weight off your mind I guess.
15 months ago