Okay folks - things have been up and down!!!
Hiya folks, remember me mentioning the situation I had in my last blog about the electricity going off - twice? Well when I attempted to get myself up on the bottom rung of the steps so I wouldn't have to disturb Peter again, I felt myself going, so I grabbed onto the kitchen sink and it appeared to slip!!!

I realised it was probably not a good thing to do, but I eventually called Peter, because I needed help again. When he came round, I apologised again and explained that I had tried to climb the steps but it caused the sink to move when I grabbed it!! He told me in no uncertain terms that I wasn't to attempt that again. He said for me to imagine what would happen if I fell and not be able to call an ambulance or anyone and with it being so cold, I'd die of hypothermia, as the kitchen wasn't heated!!!! So I promised not to attempt that again and he fixed the main switch again. As I had been cooking supper, I decided not to cook anymore that evening!!!!

Well on Sunday, I don't cook anyway, because Ann very kindly cooks it for me. So I didn't have to go to wash up and didn't notice anything wrong with the sink. Come Monday and I noticed water on the floor near my sink. Still appearing to be totally naive about things, I ignored it all and didn't think twice about it.

On Tuesday Emily came and noticed the water, which had started to seep into the carpet. She looked under the sink and found out that all the pipes had come away from each other and there was a flood under the sink!!!! I rang my insurance company and they said they's send someone to come and sort it out for me, but it's a bad time of year and they are frantically busy. The earliest they could come out was today (Saturday!!). Not one to make a fuss, I was so grateful that they were even coming out and with this plan - I don't have to pay any excess neither - I'm so pleased that they hadn't said no!!!

So this afternoon, a brilliantly funny and friendly plumber came and fixed it all for me. The pipes have been renewed and he even gave me a new plug!!! So that's all back to normal now. That meant that I felt better about things so I started to make more jewellry......

I have told Emily to come and take whatever ones she wants and what she thinks her children would like for Christmas pressies. She does have a son though, and I didn't want him to feel unloved, so I made two key rings for him - he can decide which ones he wants....

Then I made some more kitty things, just in case they liked them more.....

I've got lots of other designs, but I like these for some reason or other, and thought the young girls might like them.

Well that about covers what I've been doing these past few days. It's very cold here - but apparently it's supposed to warm(?) up within the next few days to at least 6C!!! Now where did I leave my suntan cream?????

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that this next week isn't going to be too challenging for you all.


Gracie said:

Glad the plumbing is fixed but how is the electric holding up? Gotta keep you warm.. 6 is still no bargain.
Some lovely new pieces here. The butterfly earrings are adorable.
How is Tony doing? Any chance you’ll see him and his family soon?
17 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gracie:

The electricity seems to be holding up okay so far. As for keeping warm, my lounge is the only warm room - and I have the radiator on and the halogen heater facing me. I have to be careful for our awful electric bills. Cost of living has gone up 11% but our pension doesn't go up until April - which isn't a lot of help is it? Never mind. Tony is feeling a bit better and hopes to come up between now and Christmas. He has a few days off!!!!!

Yes I like the butterfly earrings too.
17 months ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

That sound's a bit stressful, Jenny.
I'm very glad that the plumbing is sorted out.

Poking my nose in a bit here - As for the main switch / consumer unit, if it is too high for you to reach without problems. I would suggest that you ask you electricity supplier about moving it. To me at least your mobility issues should have you classed as vulnerable, which should help get some action. Maybe ask Emily or Peter to contact the electric people on your behalf.

And as for the jewellery - although I do like the butterflies, I probably like the cat ones slightly more. Repeating myself again, you do have a good talent for these things.

Talking about cats, we have another stray / feral paying visits to us at night. He or she is very nervous about hands, feet and quick movements, which makes me think the poor creature has been treated violently in the recent past. Apart from plenty of food, we've wormed him/her and as he's now accepted a few strokes over his back, I think it might be time to give a flea/tick treatment. As s/he is so shy, I've only got a couple of images so far, which I'll be posting shortly.
17 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to StoneRoad2013:

The electricity went again twice today, I think it's because I have a faulty deep fat fryer. I plugged it in a different plug, but the electricity still went off. I've contacted my insurance provider and am expecting them tomorrow. I love the fact that the times they can come is between 8am - 6pm. I've explained that I need a warning, so I can open the back door, but whether the message gets through to the engineer????

Yes I'll ask my electricity provider to bring the fuse box down to a level I can reach. I'm so pleased you like my new jewellry bits. I quite like the butterfly ones. Good luck with your feral cat - it's going to be so lucky if it can be included in your family, it sounds as if it's been ill-treated in the past.
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

I missed this one... Love the new designs, especially the cat ones, so different and really cute Jenny.

Hope they can sort out the electric issue very soon, and move the fuse box for you. My ex had a house with very high ceilings and his fuse box was ridiculously high. I have the opposite problem is that mine is in a cupboard in the dining room, and they're practically on the floor. If I have to read and send in a reading, I have to crouch on the floor with a torch. Ok, but getting up again... lol.

Really hope Tony is well enough for a visit, and that you have a lovely time.
16 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Bee Orchid:

Yes my meter is about 7ft off the ground and inside a cupboard, so I can't reach it. Well I waited and waited - even having to get up at 8am, which is the middle of the night as far as I'm concerned having done enough early starts in my lifetime!!! and no-one turned up!! Now I'm going to have to hope they come tomorrow. I've made sure that I don't use the deep fat fryer nor the microwave until it's fixed. So tonight's meal is in the halogen and the stove!!!!

So pleased you like the cat designs - they've all gone now - I gave them to Emily and her daughters for Christmas.
16 months ago